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Tuesdays & Fridays

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This weekend has been rather slow as compared to the earlier weekend where OTT platforms kept churning brand new releases by the hour. So this is a quiet week only relatively speaking as we still have a couple of releases to cover. And we’ll review one of them now. So I have just finished watching Tuesdays & Fridays on Netflix. This movie did have a low key theatrical release on 19th February and now it has found its way on Netflix. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Tuesdays and Fridays follows the story of a couple who strike a deal to date each other only on Tuesdays and Fridays while on the other days they are free to date anyone else. The story has a young vibe to it and is light and frothy. The screenplay compliments it pretty well. Although there is little to no novelty here, you do enjoy watching it as the screenplay is taut and without much melodrama. The proceedings are light throughout and some of the sequences are heartfelt too. It slightly tapers off towards the end where I expected a twist that didn’t come through. But overall a pretty decent screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues again are young and lend a good helping hand to the story. The music by Tony Kakkar is a mixed bag. While I enjoyed a couple of songs, the others were average and I quickly had to fast forward them as they slowed down the drama. Director Taranveer Singh has done a pretty decent job here keeping things light and frothy.


The performances are decent. Zoa Morani as Kajal impresses in a cameo. Niki Walia as Radhika and Parvin Dabas are adorable. Aashim Gulati is good as Jatin in an underwritten role. Nayan Shukla as Pats is pretty impressive. In his debut outing, Anmol Dhillon impresses as Varun. He has a towering screen presence, if anything he can bring a little more clarity to his speech for a better impact. For me the find of the movie was Jhataleka Malhotra as Sia. She looks gorgeous, is confident and delivers a brilliant performance in her debut outing. Hoping to watch more of her in the future.


On the whole, Tuesdays and Fridays is light and frothy which will make for a perfect Sunday Afternoon movie. Available on Netflix.

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