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I m thinking of ending things

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I have just finished watching i’m thinking of ending things, a Netflix original movie which I happened to handpick. Now, the thing that I am going to do differently with this is that along with my review, I am going to give out major spoilers. I feel this is required as otherwise many people will just not be able to fully understand what this film tries to say. Along with it will come my rating as well, so stick around! And so if you haven’t watched it yet or plan to watch it, then you can skip my review to the last paragraph, here we go!

Based on a Novel by Iain Reed by the sane name, I’m thinking of ending things is the story of a young woman who plans to end her relationship with her boyfriend yet plans a trip with him to his place to meet his parents. Now, this is just the face of it! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! The screenplay makes you believe that it is a pretty straight forward story of a couple and their problems. No this is not! It deals with the delicate subject of depression and loneliness which I guess a full generation is accustomed to. And I don’t need to tell you that I have been through it too. And I also don’t need to tell you that depression is made to be a mockery in the world today!

The character of Jake(who is the boyfriend) in his old age(you can see fleeting visuals of him at the start) is lonely and works as a janitor at his childhood school.

Through a series of flashbacks(featuring his parents at various ages in a couple of scenes and Lucy his wife), we get to know about the life that he has lead. It is evident that he is extremely close to his mother(a scene depicting him feeding her during her old age) whereas he has some differences with him father(you see them shaking hands without an eye contact). You see him playing the role of an ideal son to his mother till her last breath, yet leaving to drop the young woman to her home in a scene(signifying that he had left his father for Lucy after his mother’s death).

For Jake, his life is also about the what ifs. At the ice-cream joint in the second hour, you see three girls, all who may have been his childhood friends or been in a relationship with him at any point of Jake’s life, yet they did not end up together(you see him addressing the young woman with various names).

In another scene at the end, you see a young couple dancing(depicting the happy life of Jake and Lucy), till the janitor(the evil side of the future Jake) stabs his younger self, thereby depicting his victorious evil side which may have forced Lucy to leave him. And in his final few moments, this remained his regret!

I’m thinking of ending things is a metaphor of the last thing you say before committing suicide. In the final scene, you see the older version of Jake(the janitor) trapping himself in a van(out in the blizzard) and just hallucinating till the pig(which had died of maggots at his farm when he was a child) lures him into the school. The flashback suggested his love for poetry and him performing the famous ‘Oklahoma’ in front of a live audience while receiving a Nobel Prize. Another dream that wasn’t fulfilled!

If you find the screenplay random, it is exactly how our mind works while dreaming or hallucinating. The people we remember would probably be how we want to see them, or certain memories that stick by us featuring those people!

The performances by Jesse Plamons as Jake and Jessie Buckley as the Young Woman are outstanding. All other actors are outstanding as well!

The movie is entirely conversational with esoteric metaphors throughout. And it is a slow burn so you need patience to sit through this. But if you deeply connect with it(like I did), then it will be well worth your time! Available on Netflix and Highly Highly Highly Recommended! The watch of the weekend for me!

PS : Depression and Loneliness are real. Please be compassionate!

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