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Hit-The First Case

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There are so many of you asking me movies to watch during this quarantine season. And so, I have been working overtime to watch, review and recommend movies that you could watch. Jitna dekh sake dekho😅. Do I do review a few new releases on various OTT platforms and few that I just stumble upon(Dia, Love Mocktail). Similarly, I just handpicked this Telugu Movie, Hit, and decided to watch it today. Now handpicks could go either way, either you love them and be proud of your choice or you hate them. Which way does this go…lets find out.

HIT which stands for Homicide Intervention Team, follows the story of a sharp cop who investigates the case of a missing girl. Strangely, another girl goes missing. Are they linked to each other? The story might not seem novel but never rule out the screenplay of films from South. The first half barely gives you a moment to breath. The drama(devoid of any unnecessary side tracks or love stories) moves at a break neck pace and doesn’t allow you any time to process things. I had to watch the drama and its subtitles and boy was it hard to keep up with the pace! The second half slows down a wee bit (thankfully) but throws in plenty of twists and turns till the final reveal in the climax. The reveal drops guard only for a fraction of a second! But full marks to the fast paced and engaging screenplay. The dialogues are engaging. The BGM is pretty good. Director Dr Sailesh Konalu has a terrific way of building up the suspense and that too at a frantic rate. There is no way you are guessing the real culprit(purely because the drama doesn’t allow you any respite).

All characters are important and contribute to the story. Our Bollywood export Muroi Sharma has his moments to shine. Chaitanya Sagiraju as Rohit is terrific. Naveena Reddy, Ravi Raja, Maganti Srinath have their moments are each one stands out. Ruhani Sharma has a small role but she definitely leaves an impact. And she looks pretty! Vishwak Sen as the main protagonist, Vikram , is outstanding and he definitely internalizes his character. You can feel the pain of his past and in certain scenes he is ruthless!

HIT is another super hit coming from the South and can be added to the long watch list this quarantine season! ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED AND AVAILABLE ON AMAZON PRIME(where else) !

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