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Ok, so my reviews are venturing into the regional category too. It is what quarantine does to you, doesn’t it? I have been an admirer of South Indian films for quite sometime now. But, strangely enough, I haven’t got to reviewing any film as such(though I have provided short reviews). Better late than never! So lets start with the Kannada film, Dia. Is it worth your time…lets find out!

Dia is the story of…..no I am not revealing anything about the story because I don’t want to spoil your movie watching experience. The story is not novel for the most parts but it leaves you in a territory where you will not expect it to. The screenplay is usually the beauty of the films from South. They really know how to tell stories, something that the Bollywood biggies do not. The screenplay is such that it provides a twist every now and then. Just when you think you know what to expect, boom there is a twist! And that finale, boy I did not see that coming! The dialogues(subtitles for me) are pretty good. The music is excellent! Director Ashoke KS has done a marvellous job in dealing with this story. The story had so many layers to it that it needed an expert to handle the subject. And the direction was phenomenal!

Pavithra Lokesh is superb as the role of the Mother to Adi. Adi played by outstanding Pruthvi Amber may not be the character that you may like instantly but as the story progresses you will fall in love with his character! He is relatable and a lot like me. Something that he does in the second half before the ‘pre’ climax is something I had done once(yes keep guessing😉) and his relationship with his mom is like my relationship with my mom. Best of friends first! Deekshith is another actor who has delivered an understated performance. Kushi as Dia is outstanding(I am running out of phrases). So many emotions and she delivers a masterful performance.

Dia is a movie that is sure to touch your heart with many relatable moments. Yet, the end will leave you numb(I had my hands over my face in shock, you try not to do that, wash them frequently, stay safe). Dia is available on AMAZON PRIME AND ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED!

PS : I had watched Maska before this but I am posting this review before that one. Also, Bollywood please up your game!

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