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Imagine sitting on your balcony with a cup of hot coffee, with a little rain around, and a distant ball of fire setting in the background. And that fleeting moment when you reminisce this song – Iktara.

Love is such an intricate yet complex emotion. It is vulnerable yet at times unpredictable. How often have we hopelessly fallen for someone without knowing whether love will eventually find a way and survive, or wither away with time. As the lines beautifully capture this emotion –
Main toh kisiki hoke,
Yeh bhi na jaani,
Rut hai yeh do pal ki ya,
Rahegi sadaa.

Love is often that quiet lullaby that keeps playing at the back of your head. It is indeed beautiful to listen to but often also indulges your heart to follow it despite not knowing its fate. Yet, it gives you hope each day which doesn’t stop you from dreaming. And therein lies the emotion and the word ‘Iktara’ perfectly describes it. As the lines go… Ghunja sa hai koi iktara iktara,
Dheeme bol koi iktara iktara

Each time when I listen to this song, it often greets me with a wharf of perfume or a familar voice on the phone which wasn’t meant to be eventually. Yet, it gives me hope that love will eventually find its way despite being vulnerable today and uncertain tomorrow! And for this honesty, it continues to fill my heart with joy and a tad bit of melancholy!

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