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I am the kind of person who chooses quality over quantity- Priya Gupta

I am the kind of person who chooses quality over quantity- Priya Gupta

– By Farhad Dalal

With back to back new release in the form of Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt Ltd and a The Great Weddings Of Munnes, Priya Gupta is making her presence felt. In an Exclusive Interview with Farhad Dalal from Popcorn Reviewss she talks about the response to her new releases, her vulnerabilities as an actor and the year 2022 ahead.

You Have Had Two Release in a Month's time - Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt Ltd and The Great Wedding Of Munnes, How Does It Feel and how has the response been?

I feel superb as it is a big moment when you have back to back release with some amazing teams and both these projects are like top notch in content and their crafts. I feel blessed to be a part of both these series and also after the release of both of them I am getting so much appreciation for my role and acting skills. These roles aren’t lengthy but are important and impactful and I always believe that whatever is the length of your role, it should be impactful and people should remember your performance.

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Tell us a little about your character in The Great Wedding Of Munnes.

I am playing Munni character and she is a brothel girl which is actually very opposite from my Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt Ltd role. There I was playing a simple innocent maid in completely non glamorous and no makeup avatar. But in TGWOM it’s completely glamorous and a kind of a bold role to play onscreen which came to me as a challenge and I accepted it because I love challenges. The audience acknowledging Munni is a great achievement for me.

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As an actor, what keeps you motivated from the insecurities & vulnerabilities you face?

Actors are mostly insecure and vulnerable and it is very important to control all mixed feeling and unstoppable thoughts running in the actor’s mind. But maintaining creativity level at the same time is also important. So for me, when my projects are released and the kind of diversity in work I get to do along all the appreciations which I get, keeps me motivated and increases my hunger to work more. This ultimately leads to perfection as every actor is always hungry for praises and it is a reality of today’s times. So I think a good genuine and straight from heart applause after a show is much needed. All I want is to keep myself motivated. Also one more thing is that whenever I am on set and shooting i feel those are the actual days of my life when I enjoy. The feeling of going on set and working keeps me motivated throughout.

Does the length of your role matter to you while selecting a script?

No. I am the kind of person who chooses quality over quantity. For me less is more!!

Of course I want to do more lengthy roles because your screen time matters but if I get a chance to portray a small role with impact I will never reject that project and will accept it happily!

How easy or difficult was the transition from Television to the OTT Space for you?

They both are different in terms of acting, content, sets and makeup. Television is a pure drama where you have to enact scenes but in Web series we are more natural and real. So of course it’s difficult. But that is the quality of a good actor to blend everywhere in every kind of role and that is what I am trying to achieve.

If you were to choose to essay that one character across films and series then which one would it be?

I don’t know if I should say this or not. Every series whenever I watch I somehow imagine myself there and start thinking how would I do it. And recently I watched Girlboss on Netflix. I really liked the character and related to it. So I guess for now Girlboss and Gangubai in Bollywood.

With the rise of OTT platforms, how do you think it has affected actors, good or bad?

I think it is good for the actors as there are more opportunities for more actors. In Web series there are no stars, only the content and good acting skills matter. So I think it is very good for the industry also that more talent is coming out and getting noticed. Industry is like a plant and talented actors are like watering the plant and with water, plants survive, grow and expand. Similarly industry needs good actors for its survival and expansion.

Are there any other films or shows lined up this year which we as fans should be looking forward to?

Yes of course things are lined up and are on the edge of finalisation. So as soon as they are finalised I will like to share with you to announce them.😊

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal

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