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DC League of Super-Pets

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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It is still a Tuesday and I decided to watch a light hearted Animation film last night just to liven my mood. And the film that I decided to watch and review is the English film DC League of Super-Pets. Animation films are my go-to films when I am tired and need a bit of colour in my otherwise mundane life. And with the DC element sprinkled in it, I was absolutely sold. What’s more is that you would usually associate a very dark kind of a film with the DC verse(even though it is in the animation genre). But here, the bright colours were such a refreshing change to the film in a universe which was DC but not directed related to it(this is an animation film after all). I was planning on watching it during its theatrical release but I did miss out on it then. But now that the film is out on digital, I decided to watch it. So then is DC League Of Super-Pets worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

DC League Of Super-Pets follows the story of Krypto, the pet of Superman who must save the day after the latter is kidnapped. The story is a fresh spin off to the Justice League which does make it very refreshing! The screenplay standing at about a 100 minutes makes for a brisk watch.

The template for the drama is simple and not too convoluted as it should be. It begins with a young Superman being sent to Earth with his young pet who later combine forces daily to save the day. This until Superman and his Justice League ally get kidnapped. The proceedings are entertaining and engrossing for most parts.

Some of the subplots including the insecurity faced by the pet protagonist is quite a good one and it adds a nice little layer to the drama. The drama comprises of so many cute looking animals, some of whom are underdogs(nice little pun there eh?) and double up do well as superheroes in their own right. Even the main antagonist is a cute little hamster who does not like that title for herself. All these are interestingly knit characters which form a compelling universe.

There are slight issues of lag in the second hour where the drama just slackens in pace. But this is momentary where the writers are quick to introduce some real heartfelt moments featuring the pets. This culminates in to a final act which is enthralling and thrilling and quite satisfactory. A little scene after the final act does manage to leave a warm little feeling in you in what is perhaps a start of the first DC Pet universe. Overall, the screenplay is simple but really well written.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are entertaining with some witty one-liners thrown in which will make you chuckle. The lines definitely add to the humour quotient of the film. The music is a throwback to the 80s which definitely does add to the drama. The BGM is splendid and does its bit in heightening the drama. The animation here is simply outstanding with the use of bright and bold colours which give this film a bright look! Directors Jared Stern and Sam J Levine manage to do a splendid job even though they keep things simple here. The proceedings are thoroughly enjoyable and the directors need to be given credit for it.


The voiceovers are hilarious and they manage to keep you consistently entertained. Keanu Reeves as The Batman and John Krasinski as Superman are lovely additions to the cast. Vanessa Bayer as PB makes her character feel even more cuddly. Natasha Lyonne as Merton is pretty good as is Diego Luna as Chip as is Marc Maron as Lex. Kevin Hart as Ace contributes to the fun of the film along with several heartfelt moments. Kate McKinnon as Lulu adds cuteness to the voice of the antagonist. Dwayne Johnson as Krypto is outstanding and he adds to much texture to the character of the pet!


DC League Of Super-Pets is an entertaining and enjoyable origin story Of The DC Pet Universe. Highly Recommended!

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