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Cubicles Season 2

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It has been more than 9 years in a corporate setup for me, more specifically in IT and so I know exactly how the industry functions. So everytime I see some content which deals with corporate life, I can almost pick out the flaws. Yes, you could argue that there would be a few creative liberties at play but you cannot change the basic setting in order to make it more glamourized. But, it was during the first lockdown that I happened to come across a series called Cubicles. It had the name “A TVF Creation” printed on it and so I was curious as to how relatable the series would turn out to be considering the TVF template of “relatable” dramas. And I had absolutely loved it. So when Season 2 was announced, naturally I was excited. Does Season 2 of Cubicles manage to impress, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The second season of Cubicles might just about be loosely connected to season 1 only in terms of the characters but the story carries on in the corporate life of the protagonist. And let me tell you, the story is yet again relatable and quite close to reality although a little sugar coated. The screenplay is vintage TVF stuff that is filled with drama, comedy and a life lesson somewhere integrated. It just amazes me as to how accurately TVF has tapped a market which features a majority of the population in our country. And how amazingly most of us have similar thoughts. Whether it is your mood getting spoilt on Sunday evening as the next day is a Monday or fighting for your appraisals or the cut throat competition that exists in the industry or whether or not to switch jobs – this season covers it all. Somewhere I was able to relate to the protagonist upto the extent that I found myself in his shoes more often than not. Besides, the camaraderie shared between the office colleagues just reminded me of the good old days when there was no pandemic and we used to go to office. Ofcourse, the life lessons did resonate with me as well as did the humour. Some of it was forced but I could categorize them under creative liberties. But all in all, the screenplay is relatable and an absolute winner yet again from TVF!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are the ones we use in our daily life and some of them are quite funny as well. Also some of the dialogues contribute to several heartwarming moments in the series. The music is fabulous and gels well with the drama, as does the BGM. The cinematography and editing are on point. Director Chaitanya Kumbhakonum has done a fabulous job and it appears he may have experienced that corporate life at some point as well. The moments created, the sequences that unfold are relatable and they will keep you engaged throughout which means the direction deserves distinction marks.


The performances are excellent. Khushbu Baid as Supriya is terrific and definitely makes her mark. The veteran in TVF shows Shivankit Singh Parihar as Angad is hilarious and definitely manages to put a smile on your face. Nidhi Bisht as Megha is wonderfully restrained here, a stark contrast to some of the louder roles that she has enacted. She is brilliant here and really endearing. Jaimini Pathak as RDX a guy you don’t like but can’t ignore is simply fabulous. There is some part of you who sympathizes with him as well and that is a victory for the actor! Niketan Sharma as Shetty is magnificent, he has an effortless ease about him and he does a smashing job. Badri Chavan as Gautam is first rate and a brilliant foil to other characters around him. Ayushi Gupta as Sunaina looks pretty and portrats her character who is a fierce competitor with ease. Abhishek Chauhan as Piyush is just me😅. I have related to the character a lot right from season 1(and you can read the review of it on Popcorn Reviewss too) and he does a fantastic job yet again. There is this innocence which he brings to his character who is extremely likable and sincere. He definitely will win you over yet again!


The second season of Cubicles is a brilliantly relatable drama that will connect with you instantly. There is a reason why I am a fan of TVF and their content, and the reason is right here ! Available on SonyLiv and Highly Recommended!

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