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With no movies this week or anytime soon, I have only webseries and short films to rely on. Dukaan band thodi na karni hai😅. So I am on a watching spree(strictly outside working hours). And this time, I stumbled upon this webseries, Bhaukaal, on MX Player. Is it worth your time…lets find out!

Bhaukaal is the story of a new SSP who is transferred to Muzzarfarnagar where he soon comes to know that two rival gangs rule the roost. The story is nothing that we havn’t seen before. Small town, action, gore and loads of cuss words…seems familiar? Gangs of Wasseypur and Mirzapur being the pioneers of it! The screenplay though is quite entertaining and water tight. Many things are constantly happening that doesn’t allow you time to breath. But at the same time there aren’t too many wow moments. Dialogues are massy garnished by a dash of dialogue baazi. Director Jatin Satish Wagle has done a good job here but dare I say it isn’t exceptional. 

The performances are really the highlight here. Bidita Bag as the seductive mistress has done a fabulous job. Upen Chauhan as Rajesh is good and one of the best scenes of the series is in the 9th episode featuring him where he gives you a high! Ravi Pandey as Salim is understated. Siddhant Kapoor has his moments of madness. Sunny Hinduja as Faarukh is terrific and wish to see more of his work in the future. The main antagonist Abhimanyu Singh as Shaukeen is absolutely superb and menacing. Though in the middle he does a disappearing act, the moment he is back the drama becomes interesting again. And there is Mohit Raina who is fast becoming my favourite. Started with Uri, then Kaafir and now Bhaukaal, he has tremendous screen presence and always has managed to standout. Hoping he keeps getting good roles in the future too!

Overall, Bhaukaal may not be as good as GOW or Mirzapur but fans of it will definitely like it. Standing at 10 episodes of almost 30 mins each, Bhaukaal can be binge watched this weekend while you are quarantined! BTW season 2 might be on its way soon so Bhaukaal hi mach jayega😅

PS : Streaming for Free on MX Player. But be weary of the ads😶

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