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baaghi 3

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Ok, I must admit. I did not watch this movie in a theatre owing to very poor reviews. Some people were even comparing it with a movie that I disliked the most, Race 3. Instead that weekend, I decided to watch the Sanjay Mishra starrer Kaamyaab which turned out to be the movie of the year for me so far. This weekend, Baaghi 3 premiered on Disney-Hotstar and I decided to give it a shot. So the thing was, if I enjoy the movie, the critics would get a earful from me, else this would turn out to be a roast review of the film. Which one is it, lets find out!

Baaghi 3(a remake of the Tamil film, Vettai) is the story of Ronnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy who goes to Syria to search for his brother Vikram. This, by the way, is the story from the interval point. Anyway, I didn’t sign up for this. Lets discuss the screenplay. Ok, that was the pathetic screenplay. If you are wondering, why didn’t we discuss it, because there is no fucking screenplay. Some freakish moments : 1)Vikram(ajeeb c***** hai) cries while watching Judwa as a child and Judwaa 2 as an adult. 2)A coward person being recruited by the police. 3)Because, the drama is set in Agra, replace all dialogues featuring “main” with “hum”. 4)Vikram being sent to Syria via Agra International Airport(there is not even a domestic airport in Agra). The writer should be fined for writing this bullshit. Chalo, didn’t sign up for the screenplay either. Ronnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(for the 1000th time that was keeping me awake everytime I felt sleepy while watching the film). How about the action sequences? Last week I had watched Extraction and the action sequences were so well done that it compensated for the thin storyline. Here, I was expecting to get that high. Sadly, the action sequences did not give me any high. In fact some of the sequences were unintentionally funny. Many would say Hollywood karta hai tab kyun nahi bolte, only Bollywood is targeted. Arre but Bollywood should also up their game na in designing action sequences. Why is Rohit Shetty successful? Because he designs action sequences according to the pulse of the audience. The director Ahmed Khan had Tiger Shroff at his helm, you just can’t design a slow mo with him. How could you? Direction, by the way, is average to put it in a good way. Dialogues(almost forgot) are cringe worthy. If it is a serious movie, there shouldn’t be any over the top-trying to be funny dialogues. Period. Music is recycled, need I say more?

If the writing is bad, there is very little to expect from the performances. There are a few actors that still try their best and Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Verma are the ones that stand out. My heart goes out to them. The foul mouthed Shraddha Kapoor was just in the movie because the alpha male needed a heroine(not cool)! Ankita Lokhande is wasted. Riteish Deshmukh tries too hard and more often than not over compensates. Tiger Shroff is getting better in the acting department but the progress is slow. Dancing and Action we all know that he can pull off well.

Baaghi franchise is just getting worse. Everyone here was trying to out do each other by bringing out their worst. What were the makers thinking? Why were the things not researched? Why was the audience taken for a ride? Well, I fully understand a lot of hard work goes into making movies, and I really feel bad in criticizing them, and so I always try to be a little lenient and give decent reviews. Here though I am helpless, you cannot getaway with any sort of bullshit..a big sorry to all fans of Tiger Shroff! Don’t waste your time! Steer clear!

PS : Maaro mujhe maaro…

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