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Yumi's Cells 2021 Korean Romantic Series Review

Yumi's Cells

Tiasa Mukherjee Featured Writer
Tiasa Mukherjee
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss


“We must be the master of our own thoughts, still we are the slaves of our own emotions”-2021 South Korean drama “Yumi’s cells” directed by Lee Sang-yeob illustrates the above line in such a relatable way that you can’t help but smile and …oops you are already in love with this drama.

Screenplay & Storyline

 “Yumi’s Cells” mainly focuses on the character “Yumi” ,we get to see & explore this amazing character so perfectly because we get to see the perspective of her brain cell & it brings such a refreshing feeling in your soul because it’s so relatable that it makes you feel that “It’s okay” whatever turmoil you are going through.
It’s a story of a 32 year girl named Kim Go-eun as Kim Yumi,who kept her emotions bottled-up after her harsh breakup and reluctant to love or do something out of routine as her prime cell “Love” is not there to guide her. As the scene continues you will feel like going for a fourteen episodes roller-coaster journey of Yumi’s growth and self-love. Her and Ahn Bo-hyun as Goo Woong journey makes us feel warm.

Performance & Direction

On December 31 2020, webtoon Yumi’s Cells published on Naver by Lee Dong-gun with 3.2 billion accumulated views was reported being made into a television series. In April 2021, the lead cast line-up was announced. Yumi’s Cells is a combination of live-action and 3D drama. The 3D animation is produced by Locus Corporation (also known as Sidus Animation Studios) did a perfect job. Those little cute cells are perfectly tuned in. Coming to OST, all soundtracks are very catchy and perfectly placed.
Kim Go-eun as Kim Yumi, illustrates her character so perfectly that it will make you think about yourself, your own emotions. Goblin actress nailed her portrayal and won everyone’s heart with her versatility for sure!
Ahn Bo-hyun as Goo Woong did a very good job portraying Woong. At first, I couldn’t recognize him such a drastic change he did in his looks, way of talking and everything Kudos to “My Name” actor.
Another characters worth mentioning are Jinyoung as Yoo Ba-bi/Bobby Yumi’s colleague and Park Ji-hyun as Seo Sae-yi, Goo Woong’s colleague both nailed their character. Though Jinyoung as Yoo Ba-bi/Bobby little presence on screen won our heart with his understanding personality waiting for his presence in season two.


I was hesitant to watch this drama but once I started oh my GOD!! I was hooked. This drama made me cry made me laugh and what not, Especially those cute little cells . Strong recommendation from my side TRUST ME you will not regret it!

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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