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You (Season 3)

Arpita Mukherjee
4 Star popcorn reviewss


American psychological thriller television series “YOU” is finally back with new twists and more complicated Joe’s married life or we can say “domesticated Joe”. Season 3 starts with Joe and Love’s married life and they freshly starts their conjugal life with their baby boy Henry in the Californian suburb of Madre Linda.

When the trailer came out of 3rd season, I was so hyped as I was curious to see Joe’s change in nature after marriage and after becoming a father.

Also, I was eager to see the bond between psycho duo couple. Trailer was great and showed charming Joe’s interesting monologue and his typical life pattern’s continuation. After binge-watching all I can say that Joe is the calmest psychopath you will ever meet in Netflix.

Story & Screenplay

Bravo to the entire team and specially all story writers for this amazing plot. It’s the perfect continuation of season 2 where Joe-Love continue their daily life with hidden fears, doubts and toxic obsessions. Soon they find out that they are complementing each other so well as their match is made in Hell, where one is champ in planning most horrific murder in a coolest way and other is impulsive and emotionally vulnerable yet playful in her own way.

Soon their married life takes a shocking turn when Joe starts to show his true nature and repeats his typic venomous cycle of obsession with a new charming interest in Natalie, the next-door neighbor. It’s interesting to watch how he tries to control himself initially from repeating past mistakes but KARMA plays a big role here as now “he is married with an Axe Murderer”.

This creepy suspenseful show progresses with unveiling shocking truths one by one and trust me you will definitely get a thrilling roller-coaster emotional ride.

Performance & Direction

Directed by Silver Tree, John Scott,Pete Chatmon and Sasha Alexander, this season of YOU is surely praiseworthy in every aspects and it strongly delivers a message that “Social Media needs to be handled carefully”.

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg perfectly justifies the innocent serial killer character who always gets attracted with vulnerable women with troubled past. You will actually feel for Joe, especially after knowing what he went through in his childhood. Trauma shapes him the way he treats people.

And Penn is amazing in showing Joe’s distinctive nature, I love the way he delivers dramatic monologues with sarcastic criticism. 

Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn-Goldberg is magnificent. She perfectly portrays love’s insecurities, obsessions and vindictive steps. Though she wants to be the best mommy and perfect wife in the world, she lacks in basic terms and patience skills. As a filthy rich, she somehow managed to escape from all her punishments so far but destiny plays a key role in adding Joe in her life. Season 3 is actually the continuation of her hasty actions and how Joe tries to fix these as after all they are a team that’s strongly connected with “Violence”. Joe becomes a problem solver in her life as he is the cool-hero with his famous basement and cage therapy. Love’s character development is mindful and Victoria rocks in showing such a layered character. 

Series final episode “What is Love?” is powerful and jaw-dropping. You will be mesmerized by Joe’s ability and how far he can sacrifice to get his “Passion”.


“YOU” is a brilliant thriller series that focuses on Joe’s journey and Season 3 will always be remembered as a bloody romance chapter in Joe’s life. 

As a partner, both Joe and Love bring the worst out of each other and its heart breaking to watch how their baby suffers. Netflix already announces season 4 and I am excited to watch Joe Goldberg’s journey in Paris, City of Love. 

It’s highly recommended from my end.

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Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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