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Yeh Meri Family (Season 2)

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Onto the next release of the weekend and I finished watching the new Hindi series, the second season of Yeh Meri Family which is now streaming on Amazon Mini TV. It comes from the pioneer of webseries and relatable content creator TVF who had a fabulous 2022. There is a certain sensibility as far as the TVF shows are concerned. The concepts of the shows might be similar to the ones which they may have previously produced. Yet, it is the screenplay in terms of creating the moments that does make for a tingling heartwarming feeling.

I did watch the first season of Yeh Meri Family(it was on Netflix previously) and the show didn’t quite have a structure to link each of its five episodes(the concept of a webseries was still new then). It was more like stray incidents grouped together thus forming each episode which was more in line for a sitcom. And while it did take me sometime to get used to its format, I was absolutely sucked into the world that did have a sense of nostalgia tagged to it. There were some beautiful moments created that were relatable and heartwarming that did put a smile on my face. While the ending was slightly abrupt, it did make for a wonderful watch. So when its second season was announced, I was quite looking forward to it(given also how TVF is now a brand and their writing is a little more assured). So then does the second season of Yeh Meri Family manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The second season of Yeh Meri Family introduces us to a new family(independent oc season one) and the episodes unfolding in their life through the winter of the 90s. Now when anyone talks about the 90s to the 90s kids, there is an instant sense of nostalgia that sets in. Life back in the day was so simple, free from any technology or heartbreaks wherein the primary goals for us was to study and play in what were probably the golden days of our lives. And the story here does pick episodes from that era which would be uncannily similar for every family and thus the relatability quotient is always high. The screenplay here standing at 5 episodes of 20 odd to 30 odd minutes does make for a heartwarming watch wherein I found myself smiling and chuckling right throughout the show.

Before I get to the show, I just thought of praising the opening credit sequence of the show that showcases animals with their families that formulates for some of the most heartwarming moments ever! The drama though does begin on a slightly wobbly note wherein I did get a feeling that the writing and the direction were trying to find its feet. The humour for me in the first episode(up until the final act) did seem forced and flat, and something did not connect. But slowly as the drama progressed, the writing did enter that familiar zone of TVF with the right kind of emotions and nostalgia kicking through that did draw my attention to the show again.

The proceedings are interesting and engrossing while being told through the lens of a teenage girl(as opposed to a young boy in the first season). While the events are relatable, it also touches upon some interesting issues of teenagers like exam fright or minor heartbreaks, something which all of us have been through. The ability of the writers to create moments that are heartfelt right throughout the screenplay just cannot be denied and it results in some of the most beautiful parts of the show.

On the slight downside, the writing does get slightly inconsistent wherein I did get the feeling that the writers did stray slightly away from the emotional core of the show which was its simplicity. So parts of the final episode didn’t quite land for me although the drama was supremely watchable. That said, the nostalgia factor is so strong with its foundation that you do tend to overlook at some of its flaws. So overall, the screenplay is quite well written and does tingle with some heartwarming moments that does take you back to the good old days.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are relatable which is the case with every TVF production. The music and the BGM are just outstanding with so many melodious tunes that cater to the narrative so well. The cinematography is excellent capturing the vibe of the 90s really well with objects like a telephone or the old Fiat model or even the ink pens, all of which were an integral part of our childhood. Director Mandar Kurundkar does a fabulous job in keeping the sensibilities of the drama in check. As a result, the viewers are transported to the 90s with a rush of nostalgia to welcome them. The direction is pretty good here.


The performances are pretty good here. Sachin Jeet Singh as Dhruv does a decent job. Veena Mehta as Amma(grandmother) is such an endearing character that it made me recall my days with my own grandma. Very well performed indeed. Angaad Raaj as Rishi has a cute and witty presence and he just kills it with his one-liners. Rajesh Kumar as Sanju is very well restrained and quite subtle with his performance. His character was the calming influence in the family with a dash of humour and it was a fabulous performance by him. Juhi Parmar as Neerja is firm and assertive on the outside but caring and tender from within. And she is excellent here simply by controlling the boundaries of her character. Hetal Gada as Ritika is such a natural onscreen and her growth as an actor from the series Crash Course can be clearly seen. She is terrific with all her emotions in an overall job done really well.


The second season of Yeh Meri Family is a sweet little trip to the nostalgic 90s with the typical TVF trademark. Available on Amazon Mini TV.

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