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Wrong Side Raju 2016 Gujarati Thriller Movie

Wrong Side Raju

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The film begins with a checkpoint on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Two constables are investigating an elderly man and a speeding car knocks out the checkpoint, killing constables and seriously injuring the man. Some time later, Raju Bambani (Pratik Gandhi) arrives at the scene, stunned. Raju is a driver by day and bootlegger by night and aims to start his own travel agency with his mentor, Patil (Ragi Jani). Raju is employed by the former lawyer and industrialist Amitabh Shah (Asif Basra) and drives around his son, Tanmay (Kavi Shastri). Raju’s sister teaches Tanmay’s friend, Shaily (Kimberley Louisa McBeath), Garba. Raju acts as a guide for her and shows her around in the city and falls in love with her. While driving Tanmay around, Raju also learns about sour relationship between Tanmay and his father and Tanmay’s problem with his business partner, Mark. When Tanmay finds out about Raju’s growing closeness with Shaily, he pulls out of his guarantee for the loan that Raju required for his travel agency. During Navratri, Shaily goes to Garba with Raju and learning about this Tanmay asks Shaily to drive away with him and if she doesn’t comply he threatens that he’ll ruin Raju’s future. Shaily reluctantly complies, Raju follows them on his scooter. The car eventually meets the accident and Raju arrives at the scene some time later.

The next day, the police begins the investigation in the case and finds Raju’s scooter near the scene of the accident, including the illegal liquor bottles he’s carrying. The police threatens to file a case against Raju for Prevention of Anti-Social Activities (PASA), unless he co-operates in hit and run case, but Raju claims ignorance about the event as he arrived at the scene late. The police inspector asks for a bribe of ₹15 lakhs to ignore PASA case against him. Raju also finds out that the elderly man injured during the accident is one of his regular customers, Pritam Parikh (Kenneth Desai). Raju and Patil manage to gather bribe amount to get rid of PASA case against him. During the investigation, police find CCTV footage, showing Tanmay driving the car minutes before the accident. Amitabh Shah offers the bribe of 2 crores to frame Raju instead for the crime, he also succumbs to threats allegedly from Tanmay’s business partner, Mark and gives him ₹50 million. When the case reaches the court, Pritam Parikh’s son Parth Parikh agrees to fight the case for Raju. Parth highlights the shoddy investigation and conspiracy to frame Raju. The court dismisses chargesheet against Raju and asks the police to reinvestigate the case and file the chargesheet again, summoning Tanmay, who is missing since the accident. After the acquittal, Raju confides in Parth about the events of the night. Raju reveals that when he reached the site of the accident, it was in fact Shaily who was driving the car and Tanmay had died during the car crash. To save Shaily, she’s asked to leave the country; they get rid of Tanmay’s body and threaten his father as Mark to create the impression that he has absconded. Raju defends himself saying he took the actions to save himself. Raju reunites with Shaily in Paris.

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