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Wonder 2017 English Comedy Movie Review


Kunjal Thakkar Featured Writer
Kunjal Thakkar
4 Star popcorn reviewss


I would really like to recommend this movie. The movie has beautifully portrayed the importance of choosing kindness. It is a very inspirational and heart touching movie of a small kid who have a rare facial abnormality and had a 27 operations on his face from birth.


Augustus is a 10 year old boy and he went to a private school where he get bullies from his classmates as well as school students. He is always insecure about his face and he always wear a astronaut helmet on his head. He is really smart in science. We can say that science is his best friend. The movie also portrays the life of his sister as well as many characters. Even his best friend had also abandoned him and made fun of him. But in the end he is the star of the movie.


The dialogues are remarkable in this movie and especially it is inspiration specially for those who are insecure for their looks, shape, size, etc. Kindness has been highlighted very well in the dialogues.


The direction are quite good and impressive. And I must say it is eye catching too. You will going to attract surely from it. And because of awesome direction it catches your attention


This movie motivates you that looks do not matter in life but success do. Even a dull appearance can shine brighter by their knowledge. The world full of judging people, success matter most. And movie portrays the supportive bond of parents with their inability child. You can watch it with your family. And very wonderfully movie has showed the importance of being silent and a bond of friend and support of family. This movie come under ‘MUST WATCH’.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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