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Wild Dog

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We are still at Thursday and a day away from the weekend but we have a surprise new release. And so without wasting any time, we are here with its review. And so I have just finished watching the Telugu film Wild Dog on Netflix. This is a spy thriller that did have a theatrical release, however its run was cut short due yo the pandemic that is getting out of hand now. And so before we begin the review, we at popcorn reviewss want to reiterate that stay home and stay safe, keep washing hands and if you have to step out do not forget to put on your mask. So back to the review, is Wild Dog worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Based on a true incident, Wild Dog is the story of an undercover operation to unmask the culprit behind many bomb blasts in the country. If you watch closely, this story is uncannily similar to the Arjun Kapoor starrer India’s Most Wanted that was based on a similar subject. While that movie focussed on the actual operation without any glamour, this one has a lot of masala in it. And the best part of the medium is that both can co-exist. The screenplay is extremely fast paced and does not allow you time to breathe. One good thing here is that there are no unneccesary songs that would break the flow of the narrative and potentially derail the story. One thing that maybe slightly lacking was character depth rather character detailing but you have to remember this is a movie with a limited screentime and not a webseries like The Family Man. The entire screenplay spread across geographies is dedicated to nab the mastermind with plenty of twists and turns throughout that will keep you engaged throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are well written and barring some in a scene or two do not evoke that sense of chest thumping jingoism which is a good thing. The BGM by Thadam is first rate and keeps your pulses racing especially in more than one chase sequences. Director Ahishor Solomon has done a pretty good job here. The scale of the movie along with its pacing gave a feeling of watching a big budget thriller which is kudos to the director.


The performances are pretty good. Diya Mirza as Priya and Atul Kulkarni as Hemanth shine in their cameos. Bilal Hossein as Khalid is decent though that sense of fear was missing in the antagonist. Mayank Parakh as Caleb is pretty good, so is Pradeep as Hashwanth. Ali Reza as Ali is fantastic and has a good screen presence. Prakash Sudarshan as Rudra is first rate. Saiyami Kher as Arya looks very pretty and excels here particularly in combat scenes. Nagarjuna Akkineni as Vijay AKA Wild Dog is fabulous to watch and he is excellent.


Wild Dog is a nail biting thrill ride that is well worth your time. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.

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