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Wet season 2019 Romance Mandarin Movie Review

Wet Season

Taniyaa Mehta
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

A singaporean drama film available on Netflix that was selected as Singapore official entry for the academy but was not nominated. The movie is directed by Anthony Chen and this is his second movie after the successful ilo Ilo

Movie revolves around a teacher who is dealing with Infertility and a bad marriage. She is also taking care of her sick father in law. One of her student ( a minor) finds her very attractive and falls in love with her. The teacher being a little unhappy in her personal life starts getting close to the student and they build a relationship. The relationship leads to another thing which I don’t want to disclose here. I would call this an Incomplete/ problematic love story

Why I call this problematic is because- the end of the movie and the relation they build is something I didn’t want to accept but if I see this for the sake of art – maybe it’s just a story that I should not judge.

The director has done a very good job in narrating this and the actors have performed very well. The camera hardly moves in the movie making the experience very personal and the BGM is great too.

It had its world premiere at TIFF. Was also the opening film at Singapore film festival

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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