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Wakaalat From Home

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Covid-19 is still positively affecting India. It has now been over 6 months and there is little to no respite. The lockdown continues(well not really) and in the process, it has been 6 months since I have gone to office. Work From Home has now become a new norm. Speaking of which, the entertainment industry(a few of them) has been working from home as well. There have been some interesting thrillers shot and released during the lockdown like The Gone Game and C U Soon. With this week’s release Wakaalat From Home, we have a new entrant in the ‘challenging’ comedy genre, shot completely during lockdown with all actors in the confines of their home. Does it tickle your funny bone, stay tuned!

Wakaalat From Home is the story of two lawyers representing their clients who are undergoing a divorce. Only that the court meetings are happening over zoom as even the lawyers are working from home! The idea is wacky in more ways than one. The screenplay is conversational but quite a few of the dialogues are quirky and hilarious. Yes, there is a limitation too! It is only so much that you can do with the comedy genre specially in this sort of format. So there are a few segments that drag but luckily the writing is sharp and scores well! A few topical issues are smartly incorporated in some of the witty one-liners! Director Rohan Sippy had a tough task at hand and he kudos to him for taking this risk. His direction is good throughout.

The performances need to be thanked for many jokes that land. Akarsh Khurana as Judge Khurana is good in a cameo. Gopal Dutt as Mr Lobo Tripathi is hilarious and his style of delivering those one-liners just leaves a smile on your face. Kubbra Sait as Rajini is a natural and her poker faced humour at certain places tickles your funny bone. Her scenes with Gopal Dutt are downright funny! Nidhi Singh as Radhika is a talented actress and she does a swell job here. Her angst definitely translates into laughter. Her Permanent Roommates co-star Sumeet Vyas as Sujin has an impeccable comic timing and he just smashes some of the one-liners effortlessly. Such a talent and wish to see more of him in the future as well!

Standing at 10 episodes ranging from 10 to 15 mins each, Wakaalat From Home is a brave attempt at comedy. The best of this lockdown is that many makers are thinking out of the box and willing to take those chances on OTT. And they need to be lauded. Despite its limitations, this one is quirky and hilarious. Available on Amazon Prime! Enjoy laughing your lungs out while you continue to work from home!

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