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Thoda Adjust Please

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Onto the final release of the weekend, and with absolutely zero expectations I have just finishing watching Thoda Adjust Please, the new quickie on Eros Now. A weekend that has been absolutely top notch in terms of new releases, does this one join the list of must watches or does it be a dud as the weekend comes to a close, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Thoda Adjust Please is the story of a couple who secretly rent their hall to another “couple” in exchange for some quick money. The story os pleasantly good and breezy. The screenplay is so light that I ended up binge watching all the episodes in one go! There are several comic moments as the two couples are from different backgrounds and so adjusting is a problem initially. The story gets slightly heavy towards the end, wherein I thought the writers could have maintained the same tone of being light and frothy throughout. But nevertheless the screenplay is engaging and funny.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are fun filled with witty one liners thrown in every now and then. I enjoyed the music and BGM too. Director Archit Kumar has done a good job here keeping the proceedings light and frothy!


The performances are all very good. Garima Yagnik as Rinku impresses in a cameo, so does Lakshya Kochhar. Gandharv Dewan as Radhe is hilarious to the core and is extremely likable in his role. Aanchal as Gauri has a quiet charm in her and she has done a fabulous job. Malhaar Rathod is confident as Isha and would like to see more of her going forward too. Rohan Khurana as Jai has tremendous screen presence. He is funny and he also excels in some of the serious scenes. He has the potential to be your leading man in years to come.


Thoda Adjust Please is pleasantly good and funny. An ideal watch to wrap up your weekend. Available on Eros Now.

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