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Sandwiched Forever

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Well this review took a while to come. But I have just finished watching the new webseries Sandwiched Forever on Sony Liv. Now this is more of a sitcom than a webseries. For people who aren’t familiar, sitcoms are shows featuring different episodes in the lives of a few characters. The most popular sitcom of all times is Friends, where there were different episodes with a thin line connecting each episode. Here we have as many as 15 episodes of 30 to 35 mins each. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Sandwiched Forever features a story of a young couple who live in a flat, sandwiched between their in laws. This causes a lot of mayhem and madness. The story would appeal to many of the millenials. The screenplay is exactly as the theme of the show – Light and breezy. You do take sometime to warm up to the characters but once you are acquainted with them each one of them will be likable. Yes a few jokes do not land as you would expect them to, but there are quite a few laugh out loud moments. Some episodes are excellent while some are decently watchable. But overall the screenplay is a hit.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and funny. This show is a blend of slapstick humour and situational humour and the dialogues cater to both. The BGM is decent enough. Director Rohan Sippy has done an excellent job keeping the proceedings light and frothy.


The performances by all 6 actors is quite good. Divya Seth Shah as Mrs Shastri fits the role rather perfectly. Zakir Hussain as Mr Shastri is such an underrated actor with an even more underrated sense of humour. He is simply brilliant. Lubna Salim as Manjari has a whacky role with a whacky sense of humour and she is such a natural. Atul Kulkarni as VK just has you in splits with his expressions. Aahana Kumra as Naina looks so pretty and has terrific screen presence here. Again her comic timing is on point. Kunaal Roy Kapur as Sameer is totally in command here. A role tailor made for him and he plays it to the T.


Sandwiched Forever delivers on what it promises. It may not be a Sarabhai vs Sarabhai bit nevertheless is light, frothy and hilarious. Available on Sony Liv.

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