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Hostages (Season 2)

3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

This review took a long while coming. I had missed watching Season 1 which was out la year and so I had to finish that before proceeding to season 2. It is connected you see! I had made just in time for season 2 which was out la Wednesday. However, a mid week release coupled with 12 episodes of 30 minutes each coupled with other new releases have delayed this review. Well that was the bad part, the good part is that I have ju finished watching season 2 late on Saturday. Before the review, do throw in as many likes as you can, need all your love and support here! So here goes my review!

An official adaptation of an Israeli web series, Hostages season 2 picks up exactly from the point where season 1 ends. Some of you might argue that the premise is uncannily similar to the popular series Money Heist. Well it is not, nowhere close! The story is interesting. The screenplay is layered and has many twists and turns. The be part is that the suspense is maintained right till the la episode and it is a great one! While the screenplay is thrilling, a few of the subplots could have been avoided to finish the series in 8 episodes. Either that or the end which seemed slightly hurried, could have been fleshed out more instead of the multiple subplots in the middle(though they are as important in the larger scheme of things). The dialogues are good and the BGM commands your attention as well. Director Sachin Krishn has done a good job here, his direction is definitely good!

The performances are absolutely top notch. Danish Husain is outstanding in a cameo which is so different from his role in Mee Raqsam. Surya Sharma as Prince(la seen in Undekhi and supremely talented) and Anangsha Biswas as Hyma are both superb. Shilpa Shukla as Shanaya is good but has very little to do. Shriswara as Saba is nicely rerained. Faezeh Jalali as Sarah is fir rate. Kanwaljit Singh as Dhillon commands your attention. Mohan Kapur as Subramaniam is very good. Shweta Basu Prasad as Shikha is a talented actress and she is fiery here, really wish to see more of her! Shibani Dandekar as Isha looks stunning and she does juice to her role. Dino Morea as Kabir has an uncanny similarity to John Wick in terms of his looks and he is a revelation! Sachin Khurana as Dutt is good, so is Amit Sial as Peter. Dalip Tahhil is dignified as CM Handa. Divya Dutta as Ayesha, wow! What an awesome performance, just wow! Aashim Gulati as Aman(you might remember him in the Knorr Soup ad with Karan Johar) has a great personality and he could easily transform into a main lead in the future! Ronit Roy as Prithvi is amazing! Here is an actor that has silently yet successfully created a market for himself and he is reaping rewards now!

Hostages season 2 is a notch better than season 1. This would have been a masterpiece if not for its length. But make no mistake this is as intriguing and thrilling as anything you will see! Available on Hotstar!

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