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I still remember my first day at work. Neatly dressed up in formals, with butterflies in my stomach wanting to set the right impression almost instantly. And I have survived almost 8 years in the IT field! Now, while scrolling through youtube, I cane across this webseries from TVF called Cubicles, which is based on the IT world. And I decided to give it a shot. Looking for a lot of ‘coded’ nostalgia…did I find it….stay tuned to find out!

Cubicles is a 5 episode series of a newbie in the big bad world of IT. The story is so relatable. From messing up things at work to receving your first salary, to lonely weekend shifts to being allocated to a new project and ummm office crushes🙈….have seen and done them all. The screenplay is breezy(just like the other sketches at TVF) with the writing making it all the more relatable. Quite a few moments made me smile, making me recall my moments at work. Some good, some not so good but all stacked up to make a memorable experience. The dialogues are like the ones we use in our daily routine. Music is good too. Director Chaitanya Kumbhakonum seems to have had some experience of the IT world which does reflect in his excellent direction.

Over to the performances and Arnav Bhasin(as Kalpesh), Khushbu Baid(as Supriya), Niketan Sharma(as Gambhir), Badri Chavan(as Gautam) all deserve a mention. Shivankit Singh Parihar(you may have seen him in a host of TVF sketches) is outstanding as Angad. Sameer Saxena too is good as the VP. The veteran Nidhi Bisht is such a natural and you wish to see her more in other works too. A special mention of Srishti Rindani as Richa who leaves a mark(as is a part of my favourite episode of the series, episode 4). And the main lead Abhishek Chauhan as Piyush is excellent and almost in many ways reflects the personality that I was when I had joined the industry.

On the whole, Cubicles is a must watch for the IT crowd which will make you reminisce your days at work. There are so many colleagues that I have had fun with(you know who you are😊) but we aren’t in the same office. If you guys reading this then this review is dedicated to you guys! Cubicles is a must watch!

PS : The line of the series- Newton’s third law of motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, conversations mein fail ho jaata hai😂😂! Kya baat boli hai by God!

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