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Before I get to the main course this lovely weekend, I decided to quickly finish off on the starters. So I just finished watching the web series Bullets on MX Player. Now a bit of trivia – this was a 2015 movie titled Tina and Lolo which is now cut into a web series. Does it stand the test of time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Bullets is the story of two girls on the loose after committing a murder. Is there more that meets the eye? We have seen some excellent stories like Bandidas on the similar subject. However, there are little words to describe this one, other than the fact that this is a train wreck! The screenplay is all over the place with some unintentional humour thrown in. What a royal mess! And the same of the series is Bullets but you hardly get to see them till probably the 4th episode. And I won’t say anything about the climax because there ain’t one. It tells me a thing or two about the fact that the film wasn’t complete or it ran out of funds. Which is all the more shocking that MX Player actually bought this hot mess(interesting that I still call it hot). This is a disaster!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are cringe worthy, something that would not have worked 6 years back too. Music is just average and doesn’t contribute to the screenplay other than wasting time. Director Devesh Dholakia has done a pathetic job, there are no two ways to describe it.


I hoped to find some redemption here but there wasn’t any. If I witness a masterclass in acting by Pankaj Tripathi in Kaagaz, then here is a masterclass of bad acting. Such a horrible ensemble that don’t help the writing too. Vivek Vaswani as the politician is a miscast. He is caricaturish and I will leave it at that. Deepak Tijori as Ketu is not the best. Taaha Shah as Mario needs some acting lessons. The series relies on the oomph factor of the two ladies – Karishma Tanna and Sunny Leone. While there is a bit of what was promised, the acting is way below par.


You do get a clue or two when none of the actors actually promote your end product. This is exactly that. Bullets is the first pandemic of 2021. Steer clear! Available on MX Player.