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Virgin River Season 3 2021 English Series Review

Virgin River (Season 3)

Neha Unadkat
4 Star popcorn reviewss


Well, Well, Well… What can I say!!! Virgin River Season 3 is pretty good. The show is one of the best shows on Netflix and is climbing towards the top. Netflix is soo happy with series that season 4 is renewed. There are 25 books on based Virgin River by Robyn Carr. Yes, you read it right, 25!! Let’s find out if the directors are able to keep up for how long and if it met our expectations.


Season 3 of Virgin River has a perfect start without any extra overly dramatic fillers and happy to see Jack is back and healthy. Love story between Jack and Mel continues with ups and downs representing a perfect chemistry we all love to see. As I said in my last review for previous seasons, the supporting characters have a good story line, this season has much more of it. Doc is fighting an illness, preacher is struggling with parenting for Paige’s son – Christopher as he tries to keep him safe from Paige’s husband and his twin brother, Lily’s terminal illness, Ricky’s secret dream of getting enlisted for marine training, Charmine’s new to be husband and the hardships with Jack for the twins custody, story of new character Brie – Jack’s sister and much more. Don’t we expect such stories in a good series?? The more you watch, the more you get closer to the end of series and the only expressions I had were “Whatt!!” and “OMG!!” I loved the Mayor of the town Hope in the first two seasons for her lively nature, but season three just has minimal virtual presence of her which makes me sad. By the last episode we are left with soo many cliffhangers in the story and wished to have at least one more episode. I soo want to write more about the story but more than that I hope you watch it without spoilers.


Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel is definitely gorgeous with spectacular performance. Colin Laurence aka Preacher is just a perfect friend everyone needs. His acting and story has grown over the seasons and stands strong. Tim Matheson as Vernon “Doc” Mullins has a special role to play in multiple side stories and shows promising performances similar to Jack’s. Overall all the characters showcase brilliant acting making it an amazing series.

Direction & Screenplay

We discussed about the direction in previous review and for this season as well it stands true. Whereas the story was a bit slower than expected as compared to last two seasons but the clever and artful plots makes the overall season a beautiful one.


Watching Virgin River is like having comfort of a cozy romantic drama. The wait for the next season is going to be really hard for its fans and I hope we can watch it soon.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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