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Virgin River 2019 English Series Review

Virgin River (Season 1-2)

Neha Unadkat
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss


This was one of the shows on my Netflix suggestions. At first, I thought what title is this ” Virgin River” for a romantic series and ignored it. Then after watching the trailer, I immediately started the series without delay and just after the first episode, I loved it soo much that I continued to binge watch both the seasons. And guess what, Virgin River was at one point of time the highest viewed and loved series on Netflix even more than The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown and many more.


Here’s how the story goes; Mel (Melanda Monroe) moves to Northern California town called Virgin River as a Nurse Practitioner and Midwife from Los Angeles to assist the local physician, Doc (Vernon Mullins). Mel wishes to have a fresh start in this small town after she looses her husband. But she faces alot of obstacles from the time she enters the town and also finds out that the Doc never wanted to have her. It was just Doc’s wife who also happens to be the Mayor of town wants Mel’s assistance. Eventually there is an agreement that Mel will stay for a probatory period at first and later see how it goes. Hope introduces Mel to Jack ( Jack Sheridan) who is a former Marine with PTSD and owns a bar at the most coolest location in the town just besides the river. Jack is a humble, charming and the most helpful guy in the town, someone everyone loves. Mel continues her job after the probation and starts liking everything about the town and it’s people although one of the major reasons to stay is also because she loves Jack and doesn’t want to loose him like her husband. With all the drama, mystery, romance and the small town gossip aunties, Mel starts liking the town. But she is still unhappy and realises that she will have to heal herself in order to be open to new settlement. After some struggle, Mel and Jack start dating, though it’s not easy for both of them due to their history and because of Charmine who is having Jack’s babies. Too much to handle isn’t it?? I would say, do watch it for the perfect amount of drama. Season 3 is also on Netflix now (review coming soon) and the way season 2 ends, I bet you would be happy to not have to wait for next season anymore like I had to.


I have loved Martin Henderson since Grey’s Anatomy and in Virgin River as Jack Sheridan,he is just the fabulous. He may not have many facial expressions but come on, he is handsome 😜. Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe’s (Mel) performance is soo calm and yet shows how she controls turbulent emotions inside her. The funniest of all for me was Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea-The best mayor any town can have.

Direction & Screenplay

I loved the fictional town of Virgin River and all the places each and every scene was shot. The story is crisp, fun and not overly dramatized. If you watch many drama series, I am sure the story becomes a bit predictable. But it surely has quite a few twists and turns and the supporting cast of the series also adds up to make this series worth watching.


Virgin River shows some realistic drama and wonderful romance, perfect for a laid back watch. With some exemplary performances and storyline, this is surely one of the best drama series on Netflix.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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