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Varanam Aayiram 2008 Tamil Romance Movie Review

Varanam Aayiram

Juhi Shah Featured Writers
Juhi Shah
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Varanam Aayiram is a Tamil romantic drama movie that was released in 2008. It went on to win many awards that year, along with the National Award for Best Film in Tamil.

Before Varanam Aayiram, I was a typical SoBo girl who loved movies but only in Hindi & English languages. I enjoyed a diverse range- romance, comedy, drama, thriller, masala, etc., but other languages were a no-no. My best friend almost forced me to watch this movie; halfway through, I discovered a love for both Suriya & Tamil films, which later went on to include Malayalam & Telugu too.

Coming back to the movie, VA chronicles the relationship between a father & son through various milestones in the son’s life. VA is a simple story at heart that uses different moments in the son’s life to show the impact his father has on him. The movie begins with the father’s death and the son receiving the news, which then moves on to the son reminiscing his father’s love story and then his own life from childhood till that moment. A beautiful and touching film, it runs a little too long at close to 3 hours, as it tries to fit in many many moments that could have been cut or completely done away with (including 1-2 songs). It is a slow and unassuming film, so if you like fast-paced & happening movies, you might want to give this a miss.

This film reunites Suriya & Gautham Vasudev Menon after Kaakha Kaakha (Force was a remake of this film). The music score is composed by Harris Jayaraj and contains foot-tapping and soulful melodies like Nenjukkul Peidhidum, Mundhinam Parthene, Annal Mele Panithuli. There is even a rock song in Adiye Kolluthe. All in all, all the Songs are excellent and unique. This film stars Deepa Narendran as the sister Shreya in a supporting role and helps to display the family bonds. There is Shanker Kolandi in a small but pivotal role. Then there is Sameera Reddy in her Tamil debut, playing the son’s young love Meghana. She is there for a short time but portrays the hesitance and passion of young love so naturally that you identify with every emotion she displays. Next, we have Divya Spandana in her comeback to Tamil films playing Shreya’s best friend and the son’s eventual love, Priya. Her character does not stand out but is always there behind as a source of strength and support. You see their relationship deepening as the movie progresses and her character coming to the forefront. Then there is Simran playing the mother Malini, who is absolutely adorable and strict and loving like a mother. The star of the movie through and though is Suriya in a dual role playing both the father and son so convincingly that keep separating both characters as two separate entities. He is endearing as the father, Krishnan, who loves his family and is besotted with his wife and is the children’s super-hero. Suriya as the son, Suriya, plays a teenager standing up to bullies, then a college graduate wooing his first love Meghana and finally the mature husband who has been through hell and back. All through you root for Suriya, you feel hurt when he is hurt and heartbroken, and joyful when he is wooing his girl or interacting with his family.

In conclusion, this is a heartfelt saga of a boy’s transformation into a man who has been through hell and back with the support of his family and his hero- his father. Watch it for Suriya, watch it for the songs, watch it for the story, and I promise you will be left feeling content.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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