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I am also a fan of gangster flicks with Gangs Of Wasseypur being my favourite. If done well, nothing can beat the high of a classic gangster movie. This week I managed to watch the Dhanush starrer Vada Chennai, is it another green tick in the long list of Gangster movies.

Vada Chennai is the story set in North of Chennai(Vada is north) wherein a talented carrom player gets involved in the wrong doings of his neighbourhood. The story has all the elements of a mouth watering gangster flick! The screenplay required it to be layered and bingo, layered it is. And herein lies the brilliance of the writer to hold a few cards close to his chest and reveal them only at crucial stages in the story. So you may not quite understand the drama(or find it convoluted), do not worry just trust the writer and the makers. Also a lovely use of a famous Shakesperean play is infused smartly in the screenplay(you will know once you see it). The dialogues are sharp! Director Vetrimaaran who directed Interrogation and Asuran(Both Highly Recommended, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime respectively) has once again delivered a phenomenal display of his craft.

The performances are outstanding. Ameer Sultan as Rajan, excellent casting and a great performance. Kishore Kumar G as Senthil is outstanding. Samuthirakani as Guna is amazing. Pavan as Velu has his moments. Andrea Jeremiah as Chandra is such a layered and author backed character and she totally internalises it to the T. Aishwarya Rajesh looks so pretty and has done a swell job. And the ever reliable Dhanush is once again convincing as Anbu. His innocent eyes yet the final flourish steal the show!

Vada Chennai is yet another case study of outstanding story telling! Another one in your watch list for the quarantine season. Available on Hotstar VIP and Highly Recommended!

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