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We are at another weekend and we have covered two biggies already. If you haven’t yet read the reviews of Malik and Toofaan and are still undecided whether to watch them or not, head out to our home page and give our reviews a read, they may just be helpful. This weekend doesn’t have too many releases to boast of but starting Tuesday, there is going to be a new release each day culminating into a weekend with as many as 7 releases(not including the weekday releases). So lots of content coming up through July and we recommend you to visit us often. <span;>And with that I move on to the third release of the weekend, I have just finished watching the New Tamil Film on Sony Liv titled Vaazhl. This one is directed by Arun Prabu who had earlier directed the excellent Aruvi, does this movie manage to impress, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Vaazhl follows the story of…..well usually I do give out one liners as the storyline but here I would be keeping the basic storyline under wraps too. The reason is that I am not too worried about revealing key plot points, rather I don’t want to rob you of the movie experience which you are about to witness. The story is a roller coaster ride with so many emotions thrown in, it is probably the most basic story turning into the most unique one. The screenplay is pitch perfect too. It introduces you to the protagonist caught in his daily life and routines. Just notice the colour palette here which is grim depicting the mood of the protagonist. Soon, we are introduced to other characters and a twisted relationship that he shares with one of them. Now be warned this is indeed a bold move in the screenplay, some may not approve of it but the story really isn’t that! After the initial comic moments, there are certain elements of a thriller thrown in before switching into a breezy yet intriguing ride. The twist at the halfway mark is thrilling and you end up questioning, how would the protagonist wriggle out of this situation. But the story is not that too. The second half flips on its head, sending you into a trance, shades of which you may have witnessed in the film Aruvi as well. This is when the magic of the writing kicks in transporting you in a world which was far from your expectations. There are certain philosophical takes here ending in a life lesson that you take back, with the thriller left far behind! What an outstanding writing masterclass, I can’t praise it enough!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues range from black comedy to a thriller to ultimately philosophical, beautifully enhancing the spirit of the film. The music is good, the BGM is absolutely brilliant. A word on the cinematography which is indeed breath taking. I did mention the colour palette in the beginning, notice it change as the film progresses. That beautiful climax with light pouring in signifying hope amidst darkness was so beautiful to witness. Director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman, the man behind the excellent Aruvi is yet again in top form here. He manages each of his frames beautifully. The twist and turns that he brings is similar to life, and it is this very fact that is beautifully portrayed in this layered drama. Life has a bit of everything, so it is important to stay in the present and not worry about the future too much! Excellent direction.


The performances are excellent. Diva Dhawan as Tanya looks beautiful and acts as an important catalyst in the screenplay. She plays her part excellently. TJ Bhanu who plays the protagonist’s cousin just charms you over with her magnetic presence. A character that you may not love instantly yet are conflicted about her whereabouts, she is truely magnificent. Aahrav as the little kid is first rate. Pradeep Anthony as Prakash had the most layered role. There were so many emotions to play with and he was a gaze for the audience. And he delivers an acting masterclass. At times you feel sorry for him, at times you laugh at him and at times he allows you to be on this unforgettable journey with him. Such beautiful acting!


Vaazhl is probably the best movie watching experience of 2021, probably the movie of the weekend for me. It is a roller coaster that you cannot afford to miss! Just another quiet reminder of the quality of the regional films that are being made! Available on Sonyliv and Highly Highly Highly Recommended.

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