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Uyare 2019 Malayalam Movie Review


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Pallavi Raveendran’s (Parvathy Thiruvothu) ambition is to become a pilot. She is in love with Govind Balakrishnan (Asif Ali), who is highly possessive of her. She gets admission at a pilot training centre in Mumbai. Her busy schedule causes her to clash with Govind’s demanding nature. After he pressures her to abandon her classes, and insults her in front of her friends, she angrily tells him to get out of her life. Next morning she is attacked by Govind, who throws acid on her face. As her eyesight is reduced by the injuries, her flight license is revoked. Govind is arrested, but the case is dismissed for lack of evidence. Pallavi returns home but her friend at the academy requests her to accompany her on a flight for moral support. She meets Vishal Rajashekharan (Tovino Thomas), son of the airline’s owner, on the flight. She has to move to another seat when a mother complains that Pallavi’s disfigured face is scaring her child. Vishal tries to tell her that she can be anything she wants, but she shuts him down.

After the flight, Vishal decides to take up the challenge and puts forward the idea of hiring her as cabin crew. His father turns down the idea, but Vishal announces his decision to hire an acid-attack survivor at a press conference, giving his father no way to back out. Vishal calls her, expecting her to be grateful, but she is furious for publicizing her story without her consent. Afterwards, her father convinces her to give him a chance and she agrees, training as an air hostess. On her first flight, she is given a hug by a passenger, which comforts her amongst the stares of other passengers. Vishal starts developing feelings for her and confesses them. Pallavi turns him down saying she treasures his friendship and does not want to ruin it by romanticizing it. On her next flight, Govind boards as a passenger and tries to talk to her. He asks her to withdraw her complaint, saying that it will ruin his future. An angry Pallavi throws a glass of hot water on his face. After landing, Govind files a complaint against her. Vishal asks her to apologize, but she refuses, saying that she will react the same way if such an incident happens again. Vishal is forced to sack her, and gives her notice. That night, Pallavi’s father beats Govind up.

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