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Ustad Hotel 2012 Malayalam Movie


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Abdul Razaq (Siddique) and Fareeda (Praveena), a Muslim couple in Kerala, are expecting their first child. Razaq wants the child to be a boy and wants to name the child Faizal and call him Faizi. To his disappointment, the child is a girl. Fareeda gives birth to three more girls, which irritates Abdul Razaq, who migrates to Dubai. Finally, Fareeda gives birth to a boy but, because of her many deliveries, Fareeda becomes ill and dies. Abdul Razaq takes his five children to Dubai. Faizi is looked after by his sisters whom he affectionately calls “Ithathas & Company” (Sisters and Company).

As Faizi (Dulquer Salman) grows up, his sisters get married one by one, and his father marries for a second time. Faizi hopes to be a chef, much against his father’s aspirations. Faizi goes to Switzerland to study hotel management at the University of Lausanne. When he returns with much fanfare after the course, it is revealed that he has secretly studied to become a chef and not hotel management. This shatters Razaq’s dream of opening a five-star hotel in his hometown (Kozhikode) and costs Faizi a marriage proposal from a wealthy family. Razaq had wanted Faizi to marry a close friend and business tycoon’s daughter Shahana (Nithya Menen).

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