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Us and Them 2018 Romantic Mandarin Movie Review

Us And Them

Taniyaa Mehta
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Recently I stumbled upon a Chinese movie on Netflix with a 100% rotten tomatoes rating, it was mentioned that the genre is romance and the poster of the movie was quite cute. I started watching the movie and honestly it was the best decision I took that day.

After I watched Us and Them I became a huge fan of romantic movies that do NOT have a happy ending.

I could not believe that this movie is directed by a debundant director – Rene Liu who is a well known chinese actress. Without giving any spoilers, let me tell you what the movie is about. Two young broke people, meet randomly and become friends.. ultimately fall in love. They both have a very different take on life and decide to not be with each other because it starts getting toxic. Things personally change for both of them when they move on, but fate gets them back together. Are they meant to be with each other? Does love always have a happy ending? Were they soul mates? This movie left me heart broken after I finished it and I have been raving about it to everyone ever since.

Coming to the techinacals of the movie. Firstly, it has a very interesting storytelling, it will make you a part of the movie without even trying to do much. The dialogues in the movie are so hard hitting and everyone who has been heart broken or gone through a break up will relate to it. The best part about the movie is that, it is a simple movie with a very basic story. What’s interesting is, its REAL.

I didn’t think that a movie with a foreign language would make me cry so much coz half of the time you’re busy reading the subtitles, but the actors in the movie have done such a convincing job that I could feel every emotion in their eye and I didn’t have to read the dialogues.

Last but not the least, the music of the movie is mind-blowing, I still listen to it sometimes though I do not understand even one word but I get the emotion. I highly recommend this movie to each and every person. Please keep a tissue box next to you when you start watching this movie.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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