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Tuck Jagadish

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And onto the next release of this weekend and I have finished watching the new Telugu film Tuck Jagadish on Amazon Prime starring Nani. Now, I have been a fan of Nani and his work. I had first seen him in Jersey and that is when I realised of what a fantastic actor he is. Last year I was also blown by his movie ‘V’ which had him in totally a different shade. So naturally I was excited for this film. Tuck Jagadish had also run into a controversy when the makers had opted for a direct OTT release leaving the cinema owners upset and fuming. This was followed by Nani having to give a written explanation on his stand as well. Well finally the movie was out this weekend, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Tuck Jagadish follows the story of Jagadish who has to keep his family together in wake of the untimely demise of his father. The story is a family drama veiled as a mass masala entertainer. And to be fair, the story is quite good although nothing novel here, such stories are prevalent onscreen from the 80s. The screenplay is also designed in a way to highlight the superpowers of your protagonist. And why not? He is your superstar afterall. There are ample moments in the screenplay that are clapworthy and whistle worthy, I can totally imagine the audience bringing the roof down in a theatre. Now because this is a direct OTT release, the effect of it slightly dips but it is what it is. The drama takes a while to get going but then slowly it manages to successfully engage you in it. Yhe twists and turns are not unpredictable but still enough to keep you invested throughout. The high point of the halfway mark does carry forward in the second hour as well although my criticism with the second hour was that there are a few scenes that seem a tad too stretched and go about in circles. This could have easily been trimmed out to reduce its overall length. There are also several heartwarming sequences especially in the pre climax leading up to a climax which is paisa vasool and sets your adrenaline rushing. All in all an entertaining screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are massy and definitely clapworthy and impactful. The music is pretty good although the songs slightly stall the flow of the drama. The BGM is pulsating and definitely does its bit to heighten the drama. Some of the action sequences are well choreographed. And the colour tone used in various scenes is excellent giving it a colourful vibe to the film. Director Shiva Nirvana does a good job here. He seems to know the pulse of the audience and plays to the strengths of the superstar protagonist. And ofcourse he keeps things engaging which was great to witness.


The performances are pretty good. Nasser shines in a cameo as Aadisesh Naidu, always a pleasure watching him onscreen. Devadarshini Chetan(you may remember her from The Family Man 2) as Ganga is superb. Daniel Balaji as Veerendra is intimidating and he does a fine job. Thiruveer as Tirumala is a character you will hate which means a job well done by the actor. Ritu Verma as Guttumadi Varalakshmi looks gorgeous but has very little to do although she manages to impress in her role. Aishwarya Rajessh as Chandra is simply excellent. The way she portrays pain through her eyes is exceptional. Jagapathi Babu as Bose has so many shades to play with and he nails each one of them. And he also has a lovely character arc. And our superstar Nani as Jagadish aka Tuck Jagadish plays to the galleries. He is exceptional in the acting department as well as in combat sequences. His personal oozes of superstardom and he definitely manages to deliver yet again.


Tuck Jagadish is a cleverly written Entertaining Family Drama that will cater to the audience who enjoy their share of mass masala movies. Available on Amazon Prime.

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