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Tom & Jerry

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And onto the final release of the weekend and I have just finished watching Tom And Jerry The Movie on Amazon Prime. I had left this movie for last on purpose to end the weekend on a high. I still remember those golden school days wherein I would be glued on to Cartoon Network that had so many amazing cartoons like Scooby Doo, Looney Toons, Dexter’s Laboratory and ofcourse Tom and Jerry. These wern’t just cartoons but a very big part of my childhood. And when I had heard that there was a movie based on my favourite childhood cartoon characters, I was leaping with joy. I was expecting a nostalgic trip back to my childhood, is the movie worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Tom and Jerry follows the story of of our beloved cat and mouse duo against the backdrop of a wedding taking place at a royal hotel in the US. The story is simple but if you are going in with an expectation of nostalgia based on animation then you maybe a little disappointed. There is a considerable use of live animation for all the animals featured in the movie. While the animation is good, I personally did miss the hand sketched cartoons which added so much depth to the characters as opposed to the computer generated ones. The screenplay has several fun filled moments to keep you hooked throughout. While it took me a good 10 minutes to settle into the movie and be accustomed to our main protagonists, I started enjoying myself once the base shifted to the hotel. While there are several side characters including Spike the British Bull Dog that have appearances in the story, it is Tom and Jerry who lead the way with some over the top mayhem which is fun to watch. There are a few repetitive scenes here, some may argue that the original theme was exactly that, but while watching those I did not get that feeling which meant it was executed better then. But there are several scenes here which will turn the clock back in time culminating in a pretty good end. The screenplay is pretty well penned here.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are pretty well penned. The music is good and adds that fresh vibe to the story. I was pretty impressed with the cinematography as well. Director Tim Story does a pretty decent job here. He tries to evoke that sense of nostalgia, while he is not always successful but the effort is still visible. The proceedings are entertaining under his supervision.


The performances are pretty good. Colin Jost as Ben definitely leaves a mark. Pallavi Sharda as Preeta looks very pretty and does a fabulous job as well. Rob Delaney as Mr. Dubros is adequate. Ken Jeong as Chef Jackie is hilarious. Michael Pena as Terence is his usual best. Chloe Grace Moretz as Kayla is definitely the best actor on display probably due to the way her character is written too. She is quite brilliant in the film.


Tom And Jerry is a wholesome family entertainer that deserves to be watched leisurely on an afternoon over some coffee. Available on Amazon Prime.

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