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Plan B(Thittam Irandu )

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Thank God It is Friday. Another weekend is here. And with it comes respite for the people of Mumbai. The malls and theatres are finally going to open as life is slowly beginning to limp back to normal although the threat of the pandemic is very much here to stay. What this means is that there would potentially be more theatrical releases provided the things continue to stand as they are now. So fingers crossed. And being a weekend, we are here with a fresh set of releases although there aren’t too many this time around with Mimi having a surprise midweek release. But then the show needs to go on and so we are here with the first new release of the weekend. And I have just finished watching the new Tamil Flick Thittam Irandu aka Plan B on Sony Liv. Throughout the review I will be referring to the film with the title ‘Plan B’. So lets get started.

Story & Screenplay

Plan B follows the story of a female cop investigating the disappearance of her close friend. Is there a killer on the loose? Is there more than what meets the eye? The story which sets off as a normal investigative thriller gives one of the most shocking twists that I have seen in a film this year. And this is what I like from the Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada film industries from down South. They are willing to take a good amount of risk to convey stories that are unconventional. It really reflects on their intellect which is sharp and brilliant. The screenplay is extremely well penned. While it sets off on a slow note where you get a glimpse of the love story of the cop, things begin to pick up with the arrival of the case. You are truely on the edge of your seat watching the drama unfold. There is a shocking twist at the halfway mark which seems predictable too. And when you think that the grand revelation had happened far too soon, think again. The final 25 minutes will make your jaw drop in a revelation that is emotional and shocking at the same time. It is my challenge that you will never be able to guess the mystery here. A perfect example of a fabulously written screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are extremely well penned in this terrific investigative thriller that will keep you invested throughout. The music is top notch and the BGM is probably the best I have witnessed this year. It not only heightens the drama but elevates it to another level giving you a rush of multiple emotions at the same time. Director Vignesh Karthick has done a terrific job with the subject at hand. There are so many layers to this twisted tale and he touches upon so many emotions so well. And that ending tops up what has been a terrific display of the storytelling skills.


The performances are top notch! AnanyaRamaprasad as Surya is terrific and she has so many layers to her role. Gokul Anand as Karthik is superb and does a pretty good job. Subash Selvam as Arjun also is a case of apt casting. What seemed like an insignificant role, really comes to life in the second hour. Really well written character and emotionally well played by him. Aishwarya Rajesh as Athira is a fine actor and she is the center pin here around whom the drama revolves. And she displays a range of emotions and expressions that stay with you long after the film has ended. What a brilliant display of acting in a towering performance. All other performers do a good job too.


Plan B is a brilliantly twisty and emotional mystery drama that will leave you shocked! Available on Sony Liv and Highly Recommended.

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