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Thinkistan 2019 Hindi Series Review


Shreya Agrawal
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Thinkistan Starcast:- Shravan Reddy, Naveen Kasturia, Jayashree Venkataramanan, Mandira Bedi, Shraddha Musale, Anindita Bose, Vasuki 

Directed by:- Padmakumar Narsimhamurthy 

Written by:- Padmakumar Narsimhamurthy 

Produced by:- Rajnish Lall, Spandan Mishra, Ritesh Vyas 


Ever wondered how Big Brands are built!! These Brands are not made overnight. From a commodity to become a product offered by a company to become a brand, It takes lots of hardwork, patience, analytical & creative minds working together. It’s “Noodles” not Maggi, It’s “Gum” not Fevicol, It’s “Search Engine” not Google, It is “Cola” not Pepsi & there are hundreds of brand stories like this which have become part of our day to day life eventually. Being a Marketeer, I always look for brand stories and how creative are actually made. Thinkistan is all about brain storming, burning midnight oil to make a product or service hit! Thanks to the script-writers and directors of Thinkistan to thought of making a series on creative and gifting it to people, the people, their lives evolves around these brands from starting of the day till they end their day with a tight sleep, even then they use these brands to have a comfortable sleep, but somehow, we the people are so much in rush with our own lives that I miss thinking about those souls who left no stone unturned in making a normal life easier and comfortable, Thinkistan is a tribute to those creative minds and the hidden heroes who make our day to day life progressive. Let’s take a look.

Story and Screen Play

The Story revolves around lives of people in Creative Agencies and the Corporate Marketeers, Business firms who wants their brand to reach out to people. The story is set in the era of 1990s, when GenY & Genz were just arriving to planet earth and GenX set the era of advertisement, when Television ruled every Indian Household, Long waiting for your favourite serial at fix time and schedule. Right there , right then, We 90s kids can never forget our favourite Jingle like “I LOVE YOU *****”, “SABKI PASAND.. *****”, “HU LALA.. LALA LA LA.. LA LA..”, ” ***** tumeric.. nahi cosmetic.. tumeric, ayurvedic cream”, ” Kuch swad hai zindagi mein”, “Khane walon ko khane ka bahana chahiye” !! Fill in the blanks with the favourite brands of all time, my grown up 90 kids 🙂

Bang on!! The era when the agencies had much power and say in the positioning a brand with corporate brand managers, thanks to such creative brains we still have Jingle in our minds in the era of ” DIGITAL MARKETING”. The advertisement in India has grown rapidly from being a newspaper ad, to banner and outdoors to television and now to online searches. 1980s and 1990s bloomed advertisement Industry in India. Thinkistan is about lives of people in an ad agency MTMC in 1990s in South Mumbai (where all creative minds used to sit together, they say!). Let’s a Highlight on some of MTMC Co workers:

Amit- A small town guy from Bhopal all set to mark his footprints in the city of dreams Mumbai (Played by Naveen Kasturia)

Hema- The new Trainee, Engineer before and later explores his creative bend of mind, The chocolate boy of the agency, belongs to conventional Telegu filmy but a typical Mumbaikar at heart (Played by Shravan Reddy)

Sneha -A bold, smart and modern brand strategist in agency, Obviously no one can question her intelligence (Played by Vasuki) 

Anushka – Group Head, a perfect leader not just a manager- the positive aura of the agency, nurtured lot of young talents in the Industry, An Idol Manager anyone wishes for! (Played by Mandira Bedi) 

Ashiq Jabeer- The most creative brain, futuristic person, humble, calm & mentor to everyone and why not elegance is in his blood, Nawabi he is !! (Played by Satyadeep Misra) 

William- Witty Manager, Highly aspirational that he doesn’t even realize the negativity he creates within the team, No wonder, we all face such people in our lives some or other time, “People don’t leave company, they leave managers” (No offense to anyone, William is just a character (Played by Neil Bhoopalam) 

Daneesh Azeem- The Idol of everyone, the Guru (Played by Kabir Bedi) 

Priya – A conventional Indian yet modern girl, Technie, A highly qualified IT professional, at the end when IT industry was just blooming (Played by Jayashree) 

Sharmistha -Experienced & upcoming business leader, bold to challenge the dirty politics of workplace, An asset to the company (Played by Anindita Bose) 

Nina- That mentor and Senior in office who is friend to everyone (Played by Shraddha) 

Bhuvan – That creepy person in office, no body can ignore him completely because of his experience but neither can tolerate, no offense! (Played by Jaswant Singh Dalal) 

Arnab- He defines what being in comfortable zone actually is!! (Dibyendu) 

Vishti Khodaji – Loyal Employee from the HR and Legal Department, knows people in organziation personally (Played by Kaizad Kotawal) 

Daniel & Sagar – Buddy together, staright forward, skilled at their work but judgementals, always bully others! (Played by Paul & Ninaz)

There are many other characters in the series whom I couldn’t covered here but without them, Thinkistan could have never been Thinkistan. The story starts with a typical agency and client side culture set in the 1990s, the team work on brands to brands like Ramicol, Airtalk, Aurora Body lotion, etc etc(guess the actual brands), the story line included the personal lives of lead characters like Amit and Hema, their friendship and dirty office politics. A good leader makes all the difference, Anushka is the real Hero. William as replacement of Anushka disturbs whole equilibrium of the team, talented people like Sharmistha gave resignation (As they say, people leave bosses not organization). Coming to the life of Ashiq Jabeer, the most creative mind of all, accepts his sexual orientation pubically, but life is not fair to all! But at the end, a company doesn’t stops it grows with its competitors.


Dialogues, not doubt are superb. Directors have left no stone unturned to deliver best of the script and dialogues (Kiska hoga.. Thinkistan). Mandira Bedi, Shravan, Vasuki, Naveen, Satyadeep Misra, they just nailed it with their respective characters. Thanks to Padmakumar Narsimhamurthy, that he brought such topic and brand stories into a series. Music & Script is just amazing with lots of Jingles, will take you to your childhood days for sure.


“Talk to every one you meet in life, be kind and nice to everyone , you never know who you met accidentally returns back in your life as a client”! Sip cup of coffee, or drink your favourite cola from childhood times, play Jingles of some of your favourite ads & start watching thinkistan! I am sure you won’t regret, may be in the first episode you will take time to sink in each of the characters, hence short description of each character is written here, 4.5 star for the script and a big salute of bringing out such brand stories in picture.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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