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Onto the third review of the day as I work overtime, and I have finished watching the new Telugu Film Thimmarusu on Netflix. This was the first Telugu Movie to have a theatrical release after the theatres had opened post the second lockdown. The funny part about the film after I started watching was, that it seemed uncannily similar to the Kannada Film Birbal : Trilogy(whose review you will also find on the popcornreviewss site). And then I started reading about it and to my surprise it was the official remake of the film. So then this review invariably becomes a direct shootout between the two. So then is Thimmarusu worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

An official remake of the Kannada Film Birbal : Trilogy, Thimmarusu follows the story of a lawyer who investigates an eight year old case of a delivery guy falsely accused of a murder. The story definitely is engrossing and will keep you guessing till the very end, ofcourse if you haven’t watched the original which is available on Amazon Prime. The screenplay is quite interesting and engrossing even though you may have watched the original. For starters it rectifies some of the mistakes of the original which include unnecessary songs that did nothing but add crucial minutes to the length of the film. But where the original had scored(and this is also pretty good by the way), is the execution of the thrilling whodunnit that had made it such an engrossing watch. So if I have to compare the two screenplays, the honours would be shared. And another point here is that this is at the end of the day a mass entertainer. So you will have the protagonist play Sherlock in cracking the case, or beating up a group of goons. So if you are expecting a hard-hitting drama then this ain’t that film. This also has a few comic moments all nicely packaged in a mass masala entertainer, so please be prepared mentally before venturing. I quite enjoyed the twists and turns throughout with a satusfying end that makes it a well written screenplay for me.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are decent and make an adequate impact. The music is good with the background score being really pulsating that heightens the drama. Director Sharan Koppisetty does a good job with the remake. Although the execution isn’t pitch perfect, he does rectifies a lot of mistakes which were committed in the original, and for that it is a job well done.


The performances are pretty good. Ajay who plays Bhupathi the cop is menacing and does a good job. Priyanka Jawalkar as Anu looks pretty with a charming smile and she does a good job in her role as well. Ankith Koyya as Vasu is absolutely first rate. His innocence is on full display here which makes you root for him. Brahmaji as Sudhakar is good as always. Satya Dev as Ramachandra definitely plays to the gallery. He has a good screen presence and delivers a power packed performance.


Thimmarusu is a worthy remake of the Kannada Film Birbal : Trilogy. Despite a few flaws, It is engaging and quite thrilling. Available on Netflix.

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