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The Tattoo Murders Review

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It is Serial Killer Sundays and I am back with a review from my favourite genre. And I have just finished watching the new webseries on Hotstar The Tattoo Murders. Now there are two things here. This series was originally supposed to release on 8th March but was pushed back presumably due to content censorship. The series was then titled Kamathipura. But with absolutely zero publicity, this series is finally out this weekend titled The Tattoo Murders. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The Tattoo Murders follows the story of an investigation of a dead girl with a scorpion tattoo made on her body. Soon more dead bodies follow. Who is the killer? The story endorses a proper template for a serial killer genre. The screenplay is such that it takes a little time to take off. You are slowly introduced to the characters one by one. But once you are into the drama, there are plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing right until the end. In the middle there is also a flashback featuring the story of our main protagonist which I then found it to be unneccesary. But but but, I was wrong as the writers tied up all the loose ends so well at the end, making perfect sense of all the proceedings that had followed then. And the final revelation is a good one too! It will be difficult to guess, you may have guessed it but high chances you will need to start over again. On the downside, the production value is low. Camera angles in certain places are off which is a bit of a turn off. It seems this was shot in a very limited budget and hence the product, but any which way it is the writing that scores.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are fairly well penned. I enjoyed the use of Indian Classical Music here along with a pulsating BGM. Director Shravankumar Tiwari has done an excellent job here, building on a good premise and keeping the audiences hooked and booked.


All performances range from decent to pretty good. Anupam Shyam and Anang Desai are decent in their respective roles. Khulbhushan Kharbanda as Aditi’s father Ajay is nicely restrained here. Chirag Trivedi as Asif is first rate. For me, the pick of the actors is Tanuj Virwani as Prahar. His mannerism and the way he delivers his dialogues is what makes this character well worth your time. Hope he keeps getting meatier roles. Meera Chopra as Aditi is also very good. She is restrained in the interrogation scenes and lovely to watch in conflicted and emotional scenes.


The Tattoo Murders is a pretty good thriller that keeps the guessing game alive right until the end. Available on Hotstar.

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