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The Suicide Squad

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When it comes to superhero movies, it is mainly the two universes that rule the roost – Marvel and DC. But more than superheroes clashing with each other, it is the fans that usually have a go at one another whether verbally or otherwise. But over the years, the Marvel supremacy has extended to another level and although the DC movies are pretty good they somehow are a little short of the massive fan base of the Marvels! But of late with the Snyder’s cut of the Justice League gaining popularity, the DCs were back in the game. And now they have their latest offering in the form of The Suicide Squad. Is it a revival for the DC universe, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The Suicide Squad brings together our favourite superheroes(errr supervillains) who have been assembled for a secret mission by the US agencies to foil an attack planned on the enemy shores. Sounds familiar? The story is a routine template of the superhero genre. But despite that hardcode fans of the genre like me lap up what is shown onscreen. But for that the screenplay needed to be engaging. And here it is indeed an engaging watch. Right from the first scene, the ball is set in motion with the makers being clear of what is to be expected in the course of the next two hours. And you keenly anticipate gore and blood which is now really synonymous with a superhero movie, rather more familiar with a zombie movie. And so this is indeed refreshing. The twists and turns are amazing here with some great characterisation, and watch out as the writers may not spare your favourite characters too! The action sequences are amazing and brilliantly designed. The one featuring Harley Quinn who ensures there is never a dull moment is just exhilarating to watch! This culminates into a nail biting finale that will take your breath away. But there is more! The twist in the post credits scene will set the tone for the next part. All in all quite an engaging and fun screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky, just what was required in a movie of this genre. The BGM is pulsating and definitely enhances the drama. Director James Gunn has done a phenomenal job here. He definitely knows the pulse of the audience and he overwhelmingly caters to it!


The performances are outstanding. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is great in a cameo. Joel Kinnaman has some amazing presence onscreen. Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher has this certain level of innocence  to her which makes her standout from the group. John Cena is brilliant as Peacemaker. Idris Elba as Bloodsport is wonderfully restrained as opposed to the over the top antics of his co-actors(which by the way was fun too). But this was a Harley Quinn show to put it in a simple way. Margot Robbie as Harley is magnificent. She makes you laugh with her sarcasm throughout and boy can she kick some ass! It was really fun to watch her.


The Suicide Squad marks the revival of the DC Universe in style! Available on HBO max or in a theatre near you and Highly Recommended!

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