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the raid 2 2014 Indonesian action movie

The Raid 2

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Two hours after the events of the first film, the surviving officers of the Jakarta apartment raid – Rama, Bowo and a detained Lieutenant Wahyu – rendezvous with Lieutenant Bunawar on the advice of Rama’s brother Andi. Bunawar, the head of an internal investigation unit, sends the injured Bowo for treatment but executes Wahyu, assuring Rama it is to protect him from corrupt cops like Wahyu; Bunawar also tells Rama that the legal system cannot fix the problem and that testifying would only endanger him and his family. Bunawar asks Rama to go undercover to expose the other corrupt officials’ dealings with the local Bangun and Japanese Goto crime syndicates; Rama refuses.

Rising crime boss Bejo executes Andi, who had taken over after the death of his former boss Tama. Following Andi’s funeral, Rama agrees to go undercover and is tasked with infiltrating the underworld by going to prison to befriend Bangun’s son Uco under the alias ‘Yuda’. To be arrested, and to gain favor with Uco, Rama is instructed to assault the son of the official who put Uco in prison. During a prison riot, several inmates led by Benny, an inmate who betrayed Uco, attempt to kill him before Rama saves him. Upon Rama’s release two years later, Uco takes him to meet his father, who hires him out of gratitude. Rama proves his value to the family through his work under Uco and his father’s adviser Eka. Rama also manages to plant a bug in Uco’s wallet.

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