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The Originals Season 2 English Fantasy Horror Series Review

The Originals (Season 2)

Kunjal Thakkar Featured Writer
Kunjal Thakkar
4 Star popcorn reviewss


Oh come on mate, I know now you can’t able to take off your screen once you started until you finish episode or may be the whole season, correct? After watching season 1, I don’t think so anybody can wait to go for second season. And I think the dialogue ALWAYS AND FOREVER has settled in your heart forever. So the 2 season is all about how wonderfully the originals has protected Hope! Many new characters have also arrived in this season. You will get to watch the soft corner of Klaus Mikaelson and one more most important thing in this season the whole original family member is present and another important thing they’ve became foes of each other. It’s all a bit tragic, really, isn’t it?


Season 2 is all about protecting Hope (Klaus’s daughter) from their own family members that is Klaus mother Esther and father and one of his brother as well as Esther sister Dahlia. There is a new entry of Klaus eldest sister (Freya) whose death was declared but she is not. It was family ritual or whatever you want to call it that first child will not live with family. And Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and his Freya tried their best to protect Hope. Besides protection of Hope there are many things in this season the marriage, the heartbreaks, some originals which has turned into witches, love stories, wolf pack, witches stuff etc.


All dialogues are just amazing. Some will be remain in your heart “ALWAYS AND FOREVER”. The British ascent of Klaus and his dialogues are breath taking. The direction is pretty impressive.


Joseph Morgan who is playing a role of Klaus Mikaelson as a father, brother, friend, foe is just amazing. Daniel Gillies who is Elijah Mikaelson the man of word. Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson a sister who is always with their brothers and the desired of becoming human again. Phoebe Tonkin as a Hayley she was a stunning mother and an amazing leader of her pack.


I have never seen a series like The Originals and this season is just fire. There is a mixture of everything romance, thrillers, family drama, fantasy, suspense, adventure, fiction etc. The fights between the brothers and sisters are just breathe watching and I am speechless with this season. Never saw something like this. This is the season which I can see again and again specially the last two episodes. What I loved the most is the Klaus didn’t turned like his father, Klaus’s always protective to his daughter and always love her not like his father who was on the urged to kill him. This season has taught me that a devil is an angel too specially when it comes to our child.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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