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The Mitchells vs The Machines

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I am on an animation spree this week. After watching Raya and the Last Dragon, I have decided to pick this animation film on Netflix which I had watched a while back. And so with that I am here with the review of The Mitchells vs The Machines. The thing different about this film was that it is a sci-fi which is a rarity, especially in the animation space although there have been excellent films like Wall-E that have been made. So then is The Mitchells vs The Machines worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The Mitchells vs The Machines follows the story of a dysfunctional family who are on a road trip soon find themselves in an apocalypse wherein the Machines are taking over earth. As much as far fetched the idea is, the story is an excellent one that promises a lot of excitement and adventure, ofcourse with some heartwarming moments. And the screenplay does exactly that. Right from the first scene, bright lights and colours cut through the screen thereby instantly grabbing your attention. While you are introduced to all the characters and the dynamics between them, the fun element begins when they start their road trip. With several elements thrown into the mix, the proceedings get entertaining by the minute. With several expected twists and the eventual emotional climax, the screenplay is excellent and really keeps you hooked and booked throughout. Yes, this is an action entertainer on the face of it, yet when you dig deeper there is this fine emotional undercurrent that runs throughout that successfully tugs the strings of your heart particularly at the end. And just for the record, I did shed tears!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are such that you usually exchange with your parents, even when you were kids. That brings out a sense of nostalgia. The music is apt, the BGM is incredibly good and really heightens the proceedings. A word on the animation which is absolutely on point. Directors Michael Rianda and Jeff Rowe have really done a fine job here. They definitely are in control throughout which allows you to go on a rollar coaster of emotions.


The voiceovers are amazing as always. Abbi Jacobson as the voice of Katie is excellent. Danny McBride as the voice of Rick is fantastic and an absolute pleasure. Maya Rudolph as the voice of Linda is first rate. All others have done a phenomenal job too.


The Mitchells vs The Machines is one of the finest animation movies that you will see this year along with Luca. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.

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