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The Legend of the Blue Sea 2016 Romantic Korean Series Review

The Legend of the Blue Sea

Sana Patel
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Having watched more than 50 Korean series; it still amazes me that how every series has such unique, different and intriguing plot. There are plenty of typical cliché romances as well, but some story concepts that are produced in South Korea are just so distinctive in their approach and executed so beautifully that you can’t help but be hooked instantly.


The Story revolves around a mermaid Shim Cheong (Jun Ji-hyun) and a con artist Heo Joo-jae (Lee Min-ho). They meet in Spain under unlikely circumstances making it extremely comical. Heo Joo-jae plans on scamming Shim Cheong and steal her jadeite bracelet which he discovers is an ancient jewelry worth millions and therefore befriends her. Heo Joo is chased by goons, is almost shot; when Shim saves his life and her true identity of been a mermaid is revealed. She erases his memories of ever meeting her to keep her identity safe.

Shim Cheong later swims for months to find Heo Joo who she promised to meet in Korea. Heo Joo who has no memory of meeting her finds it weird as he feels some connection towards her. Heo Joo has a strained relationship with his family, and therefore has learned to deal with his pain by scamming others.

As the story proceeds, we discover that Heo Jeo and Shim Cheong are both reincarnated. The plot thickens when Heo Joo dreams are linked by mysterious artefacts, including the jadeite bracelet, a vase with an image of a mermaid kissing a man in modern-day clothes. Heo Joo realizes that he has a greater purpose in his life. In the previous life in Heo Joo is a king of the Jaseon dynasty and is killed while saving Shim who was a mermaid in her past life as well. A whole lot of mystery, Previous life connection and drama unravels.

Also, the parallel plot of the survival of a mermaid on land and leading lives like human makes for an intriguing watch, especially when we discover that staying on land for long can cause her death.


This series has all the right ingredients to make it binge worthy – A story of a mermaid and a con artist. It talks about Unrequited love, Reincarnations, intertwining of fate and has high level action, lots of comedy, amazing locations, superb cinematography and phenomenal performances.


The director did a fabulous job justifying the Historic/fantasy romance. The audience will be pulled in immediately due to the wide-angle shots, beautiful locations and high action chasing sequences. The underwater sequences are breath taking. The production design and costumes depicting the Jaseon era are extremely refreshing. Jun Ji-hyun did exceptionally well in her role of a goofy, naïve and lost mermaid. Lee Min-ho did equally good as the cynical, unhappy con artist. This series deserves your time for its unique plot and beautiful cinematography. No Of episodes – 1 Season (20 episodes)

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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