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The Last Letter from your Lover 2021Romance English Movie Review

The Last Letter from your Lover

Neha Unadkat
3 Star popcorn reviewss


Some days I wish to take my blanket and watch a sweet romantic movie. This was one such day when I saw a movie- The Last Letter from your Lover. I thought it might be something like PS-I love you or The Notebook making me say “Awwww, soo sweet!!” Let’s find out if that happens!!


As the name suggests, the last letter is actually one of the most important things. This letter has the ability to change scenarios in a good way. Ellie, a journalist with Rory- the archivist, finds out about this letter while Ellie was researching on an article and takes us to the journey of a beautiful love story between “J” aka Jennifer and “B” aka Boot. The love story actually starts in 1965 at London. Mr Boot (fictional name is Anthony O’Hare) visits Jennifer’s house to interview her wealthy and successful husband. Having the same ideology, interests and thoughts, Jennifer and Boot loved to spend time with each other and fell in love.

Like all the love stories, this one also has some twists and drama. Jennifer being a married woman of the 60s falling in love with another guy isn’t something her family would expect of her. As they say, “True Love Stories never have endings” this is one such movie which holds it true. Ellie and Rory go above and beyond to find all the missing pieces from the love letters between Jennifer and Boot to make their happily ever after come true. From the genre of romantic movies, this one for me was an okish kinda movie. I definitely didn’t go “Awwww….” after finishing it.


I loved how Shailene Woodley as Jennifer looked. She had that grace and style needed for her character. For me, Callum Turner as Anthony O’Hare (Mr. Boot) could have made his character more better to match up Jennifer’s style. We have seen Callum Turner in variety of roles, this one just isn’t the best of all. I liked Nabhaan Rizwan as Rory’s acting more than Felicity Jones as Ellie’s. I loved Ellie in “The Theory of Everything” more than this one.

Direction & Screenplay

Definitely a slo-mo-rom(slow motion romantic movie) with a good story but not so good writing. I did like the depiction of 1960s era with all the amazing vintage cars, hairstyles and dresses. For me, I wasn’t able to connect with the chemistry between Jennifer and Boot itself. It just felt like something is missing.


If you are craving for a romantic movie and don’t feel to watch anything repetitive, go for this movie. But if you are someone who watches all the romantic movies, go for this one without any expectation and you might like it.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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