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The Last Hour (Season 1)

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Onto the next release of the weekend and I have just finished watching the new series The Last Hour on Amazon Prime. Right from the time I saw its trailer, I found its world to be unique. And to top it, the series was set in the north east with a lead being cast who himself belongs to that region. That is a huge step and a walk away from the mainstream elements that we are all so familiar with. It just brings so much flavour to the drama. But then the question, is The Last Hour worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The Last Hour follows the story of a Shaman and a police officer investigating various murders that take place in the mountains of the north east. And to avoid any sort of spoilers, that is all I can reveal. The story has an interesting concept that really takes the supernatural thriller genre to the next level. The only problem is if the audience have the patience and the intellect to absorb this kind of a thriller. It is almost meditative in its storytelling approach. The non hurried drama that allows you to sink your teeth into it gently and savour it as it unfolds. For my review of Radhe, I received a lot of flak. After which I read that this show was getting its share if flak too where people found it boring. That in my opinion is a weak criticism and something totally unwarranted for(though everyone has the right to have an opinion). This was never designed to be a fast paced thriller even on paper. This was always a slow burn that makes you feel each beat of the characters amidst the unique concept of life after death which is touched upon. The moment the writers start to attempt something different, the audience(some “intellectual” ones too) tear it apart, something that happened with the series Ok Computer too. And then when the same old story is served to you(classic case being Radhe), it is called out for exactly the same reason. This content will continue to be served as long as you watch it(irrespective of whether you like it or not). So a small plea, when makers dish out something different, do not write them off. Yes, one criticism here for The Last Hour is that it slightly loses its plot briefly in the middle with the focus shifting to another character. But this is a minor blip in a screenplay that is cerebral and very watchable.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational here and they definitely leave their mark. The BGM us minimal but that is the beauty of it, it is subtle and a classic case of where less is more. A special mention of the art design and the production value which is excellent. I loved the colour palettes in various scenes, especially the ones featuring a boat. The film is exquisitely shot too, capturing the mountains very well. Director Amit Kumar has done a pretty good job with this innovative subject leaving the series on a cliffhanger, creating intrigue for season 2.


The performances are excellent. Raima Sen as Nyima has very few dialogues to play with, but she wins you over with those mysterious glances, likewise for Mandakini Goswami as Aamoo. Lanuakam Ao as Thapa also shines in an extended cameo. Dewashish Lama as Pinto is first rate. Tenzein Choden as Doma looks so pretty and has done an excellent job, just wished to watch more of her. Robin Tamang as Yama Nadu is intimidating, and hope he gets an even meatier part in season 2. Shaylee Krishen as Pari is also a good find from the series. She again has very few dialogues, particularly in the backend of the series, yet she internalises her character pretty well. Shahana Goswami as Lipika is wonderfully restrained. She is a fine actor and she uses her skills perfectly here, she is a treat to watch. Sanjay Kapoor as Arup is pretty good and does what is required from him. But the find of the series for me is Karma Takapa as Dev. He has such expressive eyes that do so much of the talking for him. A staggering performance of the highest order if there was one. I just wish to watch more of him in the future.


The Last Hour is a unique and meditative thriller that deserves to be watched for its performances and technical brilliance. Available on Amazon Prime.

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