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The Kissing Booth 3 2021 English Romance Movie Review

The Kissing Booth 3

Neha Unadkat
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


And here comes one of the awaited movies of 2021. As light hearted and a happy ending we were wishing for, does it fulfill our expectations? Let’s find out.


The movie starts with a recap as to what Noah, Elle, Lee and Rachel did for graduation celebration week. 

She is yet to decide on her college and hence in the meanwhile starts waitering at a restaurant for saving up for college. They all feel nostalgic that the Flynn family is selling the family where they had the best memories as children. This one was last summer they were going to be together before college and the last summer they would have at the beach house. After alot of thought, Elle finally decides to go to Harvard and after telling that to Lee, he is definitely upset. Lee thinks Elle choose Noah over him and hence she made the decision for Harvard. She promises Lee to complete the beach house bucket list they made this summer and make the best memories of their life before college starts to make it up to him. At one of the beach house parties, Lee meets a UC Berkeley first year student-Ashton and immediately becomes friends with him. Elle is jealous as she never thought of Lee being best friends with anyone else than her. The group did pretty fun go-carting race with costumes from Mario’s game. Yes, you read it right-Mario game. And guess who was now hanging out with the group, Marco and Chloe. Marco even dressed as Wario for Elle which made Noah upset. Elle was overwhelmed with her work schedule at restaurant, completing bucket list with Noah, baby sitting her little brother, spending time with Noah and handling the household responsibilities with her dad. 

Elle starts feeling that everytime she takes a step towards completing bucket list with Lee, she goes a step away from Noah. With all the drama and Marco trying his best to win Elle again, differences between Elle and Noah continue to grow. Trying to make it the best summer, this turned out to be a worst summer. With everything falling apart, Elle gets disheartened with her breakup with Noah and disappoints her dad as well. Elle then joins USC after some wisdom from Mrs. Flynn who was her mother figure since Elle’s mother died, dropping Berkeley and Harvard both. The story ends with a jump of six years were the kissing booth still exists at their alma mater reunion. Noah and Elle feel the same for each other even after soo many years, who knows they might get back together.


I liked Lee more this season than anyone else. I wish Rachel (Lee’s girlfriend) was given something more to contribute in this sequel. Elle was good, but I liked her acting in Kissing Booth 1 more. Noah as well didn’t have much to say this time.

Direction & Screenplay

Well, the third sequel tried the best to complete stories of all the characters and majorly focussed on Elle. Couldn’t have been better written? Yes, absolutely!! I would say it was a fun movie to watch the high school drama. But definitely it doesn’t beat the first kissing booth movie.


Seems like this is an end to the kissing booth sequels. But we never know what the directors would think. If you wish to watch a chilled out movie without major expectations, just go for it.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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