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The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

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It has been a while since I reviewed an animation film and by now you know my love for it. And it us even better if the animation comes from Disney. The last Disney movie that I had watched was Encanto which I had thoroughly enjoyed. While Disney has been producing these gems, it also has been continuing some of the franchise which it had launched with the case in point being The Ice Age franchise. So when I got to know that there is a spin off film on the franchise titled The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, based on a popular character from the franchise, naturally I was looking forward to it. So then does The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild manage to impress, let us find out.

Story & Screenplay

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild follows the story of two posseums who decide to leave the gang and find a place of their own. But there are more than one obstacles awaiting them. The story is average and even the typical disney touch is missing here. The screenplay is taut and that is the only good thing about it. Other than that, it is a royal royal mess. I can’t recall an animation film that I have instantly disliked in a long time. I generally look for some positives but there is only one scene which is a flashback scene/sequence featuring Ellie that had my attention. Apart from that I tried to concentrate hard but unfortunately the sequences were so poorly penned that my attention began to wander. And after that the slide was evident as I patiently waited for the film to get over. This franchise which was once iconic sadly has become a cash cow which has been made just for the money. Because the screenplay seems to be written by a ten year old which surprisingly wouldn’t even connect with kids of today, let alone adults. The screenplay is a mess and I will leave it there.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are plain average and that heartwarming lines from Disney which teach you a lesson or two in life is missing here. Clearly, it doesn’t create any impact. The BGM is poor here and it is surprising coming from a studio which is known for its music. Even the animation is horrible and unlike anything I have seen recently(that bad). Director John C Donkin has clearly missed the mark and by a long way. He was just not able to hold any bit of my attention for its entire runtime. I’ll just leave it there!


None of the voiceovers manage to create an impact. But it is less to do with the voiceovers than it is to do with the script. It is only Simon Pegg who voices Buck who manages to standout somewhat but other than that it is s collective failure.


The Ice Age Adventures Of Buck Wild is probably the worst animation film that I have watched in a while and a shockingly weak Disney film. Available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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