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The Green Knight

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Ok so lets clear out some of the leftovers from the weekend and I have just finished watching the English film The Green Knight on Amazon Prime. Right from the time the film had its theatrical release, the word of mouth was extremely mixed. Some were absolutely loving it and calling it a masterpiece while some had just written it off. And so I decided to view it with an open mind and here are my two cents on the same.

Story & Screenplay

The Green Knight is the fantasy retelling of the medieval story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight who poses a challenge to the former which the latter accepts. Now, if you are familiar with the story then you will love this modern day retelling of it. If you aren’t aware about the story then there is a chance that you may not enjoy it or understand it completely. The screenplay is a slow burn too and I did witness how Sardar Udham was called out for being ‘too slow’. In my book, a ‘slow’ screenplay is a weak criticism. Yes, you can point out some of its shortcomings but just labelling a film as slow isn’t entirely a criticism that I would vouch for. Each of the incidents that happen here and beautifully carved out and intricately fleshed out. Yes, this in itself is a niche as not many would enjoy this fleshed out narrative with very little action actually transpiring. The screenplay gives ample room to the esoteric elements, each of which carry a hidden meaning. The screenplay is also philosophical in many parts with the concepts of life and death being tackled and explained intelligently. The open ending might be a bit of a put off for many but it worked like a charm for me, forcing me to think about what it actually meant and it just made perfect sense! The screenplay might be a slow burn but is infact excellent writing.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quite well penned and leave a lasting impact. And what is more they are minimally used too especially towards the end where a silent vision unfolds. The BGM is outstanding and blends very well with the drama. The cinenatography is exquisite that makes the film a visual treat, visually spectacular. Director David Lowery does full justice to the subject at hand. He chooses a more traditional narrative which is a breath of fresh air in the times that we live!


The performances are excellent. Joel Edgerton as The Lord and Sarita Choudhary as Gawain’s mother shine in charming cameos. Alicia Vikander as Essel looks pretty and does a fantastic job, quite dignified I must say. But it is Dev Patel as Gawain who is a class apart here. His silence speaks volumes in a memorable outing for him. He really aces his character and how!


The Green Knight might be a niche but it is visually spectacular and philosophical. A film that stays with you long after it has ended. Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended.

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