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The Good Wife 2009 English Drama Series Review

The Good Wife

Neha Unadkat
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss


I wished to watch a long series and hence started ‘The Good Wife’ reading the description and thinking, let’s give it a try. Honestly, I am glad I saw such an amazing series. I usually see two series at once, but watching The Good Wife made me soo intrigued in the story that I binged watched all 7 seasons. For all the people who loved Suits, White Collar, How to get away with murder, etc., this series will be worth it.


As the name suggests, the story revolves around a female character- Alicia Florrick, wife of a politician, mother of two kids and a lawyer by profession and a housewife for last 13 years. The first episode begins with a press conference were Alicia’s husband Peter confesses to sex and corruption scandals against him and serves a jail time of 8 months. With zero financial aid now and responsibilities of two growing children, Alicia decides to go out in the world and resume her law career to support her family. It’s a struggle for her to get a job because of a long career gap and being a wife of a famous politician. She then meets her batchmate Will Gardner who has his own law firm. Will had a crush on Alicia during their college days and out of respect appoints Alicia as a junior associate at his firm fighting with all other equity partners.

Alicia’s journey is like a roller coaster ride. She has to compete in the corporate world harder than others, parenting two teenage kids, supporting her husband during his political campaign’s of state senator and governor of Illinois, keeping the family reputation intact, running for state senator herself, dealing with media who tracked her every move, forming her own law firm and so on. While dealing with all those circumstances, she has her fair share of personal issues as well. She loved Will Gardner but couldn’t be with him for supporting her husband’s political career. Alicia is truly an inspiration to all the women and there is sooo much I could learn from her. Not only that, the legal cases they fight are just fabulous to watch. Quite to few times, I was actually cheering for Alicia and her team forgetting it’s a fictional story 😅. This series has it all- love triangles, heartbreaks, mystery, thrill of what will happens next, politics, drama and lots of drama.

It is enliven to watch an independent, strong, fiercely person like Alicia reaching a breaking point and yet shows a powerful exterior. My favourite Season of all was Season 5. I am out of words to describe how amusing this season was. I can just say- Watch it!! Though the series ends in a very controversial way completing a full circle for Alicia’s story, for me it was perfect.


From the campaign manager- Eli Gold (Alan Cumming), investigator- Kalinda Sharma ( Archie Panjabi), Alicia’s mentor and Will’s other managing partner- Diane Lockhart(Christine Baranski), Alicia’s competitor and later her firm’s partner- Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) and many other supporting characters have a brilliant storyline and fabulous performances. My personal favourite was Eli Gold. It was soo much fun to watch him on screen- kind of like protector for the Florrick family.

Direction & Screenplay

At first it might feel like a task to watch such a long series, but trust me- once you start will be worth it. The writers and directors have done an exceptional job to keep oneself indulged in the story and bring the best of all the characters. The legal and political issues in the story are real life observations of Robert King and Michelle King.


I cann vouch that this series will blow your mind in many ways. If you are a fan of legal drama, this is surely a must watch.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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