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The trailer of The Ghazi Attack was released a month back on youtube and it seemed to be different from the usual stuff we see nowdays. Touted as the “first underwater war movie” does this movie swim through or does it sink lets find out.

The Ghazi Attack looks to unravel the mystery behind the sinking on PNS Ghazi in 1971. In this review, I will be revealing only this bit of the story so it wont kill your excitement. The story is extremely novel. None of us have ever heard or seen stuff like this and the screenplay just makes it better. The screenplay though technical in parts and dramatized a tad bit more, certainly elevates the drama in a big way. The climax is the one not to be missed. The background music is spot on. The dialogues are apt. The VFX is decent for a small film. Sudeep Reddy the director has done a swell job. He handles delicate sequences with precision and keeps the audiences engaged throughout.

Taapsee Pannu is a brief cameo is good. Rahul Singh as the Pakistani commandor is first rate. But it is the three stalwarts KK Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Rana Duggubati who shoulder the responsibility of the film. They are all in top form. Certainly one of them would be in the reckoning for the National Award.

All in all, The Ghazi Attack sails through and how. When people cheer on the dialogues and stand up in unison for the national anthem played in the movie(as per the SC it is not mandatory), you know you have a winner on your hands!!

PS: It is a small movie with a BIG heart. Request all to watch it in a theatre. Small movies need that push.

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