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The French Dispatch

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Well there cannot be a Wes Anderson movie and we not watch it. The director who has given us gems like The Grand Budapest Hotel comes up with another one of his Drama Comedies. And with that I finished watching The French Dispatch which is available on Youtube for a bomb! It was announced that the film would have a theatrical release but the same was deferred. Well finally the film is out on OTT and I grabbed my first chance of watching it. Is the film worth your time, stay tuned!

Story & Screenplay

The French Dispatch is essentially an ode to the print journalism where it accounts a fictional story of an American newspaper in France. The story is a typical Wes Anderson film. The European feelers are evident in the storytelling which has a leisurely charm to it. The screenplay is a high concept one. Broken down into articles, each article is enacted in the form of a story which unfolds like an anthology. This for me was beautiful to witness! The screenplay also transports you to a period where the stories are set in with a great amount of panache. The entire screenplay is like poetry in motion, steady and layered. This is an immersive experience where you don’t question the logic, instead you sit back and enjoy the drama unfold. All the three stories do keep you invested throughout. I particularly enjoyed the first anthology that had a few doses of dark humour as well. The unconventional storytelling technique works like a charm here. The second one was quite good as well where the story was a bit quirky and abashed. I had moderate issues with the last one especially because the plot was a bit too thin. But the graphics and the images more than compensate for the story(or the lack of it). The European culture is evident in each of the three stories which makes it authentic too. The final act also has its share of humour and ends on a bittersweet note. Overall, an excellent screenplay, something very different from what I have seen recently. And the use of animation was clever and refreshing as well!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are mostly conversational and quirky in places that will keep you engaged and invested throughout. The music and The BGM is probably the strongest pillar here. The symphonies are beautiful and probably the best that I have heard all year. The melodies would resonate with you long after the film has ended. Director Wes Anderson has done a wonderful job here despite this not being his best work. His storytelling technique is beautiful so much so that you can’t help but fall in love with it!


The film comprises of stellar cameos by a stellar cast. Owen Wilson and the veteran Bill Murray are fabulous in cameos. Timothee Chalamet and Frances Mcdormand are exceptional and they feed off amazingly with each other. Lyna Khoudri looks pretty and does a good job. Edward Norton shines in his act. Jeffrey Wright as Roebuck Wright was aptly cast. Lea Seydoux looks beautiful and is wonderfully restrained. Adrien Brody is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Benico Del Toro gives a nicely layered performance. All other performances are exceptional.


The French Dispatch is a heartfelt ode to print journalism, an immersive experience that you cannot miss! Highly Recommended!

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